Online courses use

I can not see my courses on the platform. Where I can find them?

Done the login to the platform, the student view two sections:
In the first section, it is possible to see the courses in which the student is enrolled. To access to the courses, simply move the cursor over the image and click on the course title.
In the second section, the student can see the DEMO of all courses available on the platform.


Can I decide when to start the course I purchased?

For standard courses, accounts are opened upon receipt of payment (except for special requirements).
For intensive courses, it is possible to choose the date of account opening in order to optimize the time of study.

Can I follow when I want my online course or only during certain hours?

You can access at any time to the platform; the platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I contact the teacher for clarification on the online course?

If the course content is not clear (e.g exercises rationales, quiz answers), you can send an e-mail with your question directly to the teacher, who will answer in about 48 working hours.

Can I access my course through my tablet?

Yes, you can access courses with a personal computer, a tablet and a smatphone.
To know system requirements for access to online courses, click here.

Purchasing an online course, do I need to purchase and study also the official manual of the course?

No, there is no need to purchase the manual. All our courses are accredited. It means, therefore, that they have a complete and sufficient content for the correct learning and passing the final exam.

How can I access my course once done the registration?

Once registered and paid the course, you will receive within one working day a confirmation email with the access data to the online platform and instructions for using it.

What is the duration of the online courses?

The duration of the lessons varies depending on the course you are following.
To know the duration of a course, please see the details of the course of interest.

What is the difference between intensive course and standard course?

The intensive mode allows you to take the course for 7 days (with the exception of Intermediate and Practitioner courses that give access to the e-learning platform for 14 days) and to book the exam within 40 days, while the standard mode allows you to take the course for 120 days and book the exam within 150 days.
To know the exact number of days for which access is granted, please see the details of the course of interest.

Is it possible to access the free DEMO courses?

Yes, for free access to DEMO, you must register on our website.
Complete the registration process, log in and use the menu on the right to access to the reserved area, "Demo online courses" section.
On this page you can find the link and the instructions to access to the online platform. In the Demo section of the online platform there are examples of all online courses available.