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           iLEARN is an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) 
APMG for Service Level Analyst course.  

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The course has been developed in response to an increasing demand for specific training and it helps to understand the broader implications of the introduction of Service Level Management. The course helps you:

  • Understand customers? service requirements;
  • Define, negotiate, document and agree service levels and service level agreements (SLAs);
  • Reflect these in operational level agreements (OLAs) and underpinning contracts;
  • Measure, report on and review services on an ongoing basis.







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3 days




The course aims to provide the knowledge and expertise needed to manage service levels. 

The course allows the candidates:

  • to analyze and evaluate the expectations and needs of customers;
  • to understand and specify the requirements for service levels to the customer, towards the IT organization and with suppliers;
  • to negotiate and formalize service agreements;
  • to measure, report and review the performance of the services;
  • to manage the perception and satisfaction of the customers.

Certification Service Level Analyst ensures the quality of services and improve customer satisfaction. Service management provides a solid foundation to distribute the services in such a way that the customer is informed and in control.

You will learn practical skills and knowledge which can be used in the workplace, while at the same time earning a recognized certification.

The Service Level Analyst certification is very closely aligned to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) framework regarding core competencies of an individual in a role.

A quién está dirigido

IT professionals responsible for the analysis, management and evaluation of the levels of service (Service Level Analysts).


  • What is the Service Level Management;
  • Field, purpose and objectives of the Service Level Management;
  • The Service Level Management Process;
  • Tools and techniques for Service Level Management;
  • People and Roles involved;
  • Primary and Secondary skill;
  • Communication and focus on customers;
  • Quality Management.

Provided material:

  • Student manual: slides presented by accredited teacher with explanations
  • Exercises
  • 1 official mock exam


  • It is recommended to be certified at ITIL Foundation level;
  • To take the exame you must have attended an accreditet course that provides at least 18 hours of training;
  • In addition to the course, we recommend additional hours of personal study;
  • A minimum of two years work experience in IT is recommended.

To take the exam you must have read and accepted the terms and condition of examination institute. The acceptance of such terms and conditions will have to be confirmed when taking the exam.

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Service Level Analyst official certificate

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Service Level Analyst curso presencial en Inglés desde 25 Enero 2016 en Oslo duración 3 days entregado por iLEARN Innovative Learning