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iLEARN Organizational Resilience


Organizations are evolving more and more in a context where the pace of turbulence and shocks is accelerating. How can we create favorable conditions for the emergence of resilience, the ability to cope with shock, adapt or rebound? What are the different and possible trajectories in a crisis situation?
This course will discuss the major concepts of organizational resilience and the strategies to be implemented. A toolkit will allow you to identify weak signals, deal with a crisis and manage the lifecycle of organizational change.

This course is the first module, Resilience organizational Foundation. It is composed of theoretical and conceptual elements of organizational resilience.

Access duration
  • 120 access days to the platform
Organisational Resilience Foundation online course details
  • 11 lessons (6 hours of video recorded by an accredited teachers)
  • Downloadable PDF documents with detailed content (slides, explanations) for each lesson
  • Exercises and solutions

To complete the course and have an optimal exam preparation, we recommend you to spend at least 15 hours of study.

Online course format and characteristics
  • Access 24/7
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Online exam format and characteristics
  • Duration of 60 minutes
  • Closed book
  • 40 multiple choice questions
  • 1 mark for each correct answer
  • Passing score: 26/40 marks - 65%

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120 días


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  • Understand organizational behavior in turbulent situations.
  • Discover trajectories of implementation of resilience conditions.
  • Preventively develop organizational and individual resilience.
  • Equip yourself with a toolkit to bounce off shocks.

A quién está dirigido

The course is aimed at professionals involved in strategy, management, crisis and risk management, transformation of organizations, as well as consultants and project managers.
This course is also intended for students and researchers in the fields of management sciences and economics (decision systems, human resources management, marketing, supplain chain, management, financial management, business strategy).
Finally, to all people interested in new contributions and new methods in human and social sciences, psychology, sociology, human relations.


1) Tackle the major theoretical concepts of resilience

  • The different forms of resilience: individual, social, economic, environmental.
  • The resilience of organizations: history and background
  • Individual behavior: motivation, commitment, involvement.
  • Crises and lifecycle of the crisis: before, during, after; individual identity crisis and organizational identity crisis
  • Types of resilience: collapse, rebound type 1, rebound type 2.

2) Discover the Toolkit of Resilience

  • The actors of resilience: intrapreneur, "toxic handler", "empathic leader", "compassionate leader".
  • The resilience cell, the transverse cell, the crisis cell.
  • MIC (Measurement of Crisis Indicators). This tool makes it possible to identify organizational dysfunctions, it makes it possible to grasp and understand the warning signals of a crisis.
  • MIRO (Measurement of Organizational Resilience Indicators). This tool makes it possible to identify the dysfunctions on the lifecycle of the crisis (before-during-after) and the structure impacted by the crisis. It gives indications for dealing with turbulence.

3) Apply actor strategies

  • Discover models, reading grids to approach the resilience process.
  • Identify yourself temporally in the face of a crisis with the matrix of strategic options. With this matrix, you will be able to find out about the life cycle of a crisis and to use the tools corresponding to the moment of the crisis.
  • Understand and apply dashboards and indicators of resilience.

4) Implement organizational resilience

  • Develop implementation strategies.
  • Complete the toolset to understand, identify yourself and act in a context of transformations.
  • Capitalize the knowledge acquired by the production of a synthesis grid.
  • Set up a plan of individual actions.


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