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Presentation skills for professional

In today’s professional world many things are seen as a “given”. Every individual is expected to perform above average in its area of expertise and it is a "given" “that it will excel in interpersonal skills, including presentation and communication skills. Unfortunately this is not the norm.

Presentations skills can be developed over time by exposure as with most other activities in life, but without proper guidance and advise, anyone may develop wrongdoings that may unconsciously end up being seen as appropriate and may at the end limit the desired outcome, whether to entertain or educate the audience, or succeed in “selling” an specific idea or project.

The course is delivered by GÜETCHU.


Basic, Advanced, Expert: levels are achieved by exposure. The longer the training the higher the level. A basic level is achieved in 1 day session. Advanced level is from 2 to 3 days. Expert is a five day course (which is combined with Communications skills (CSITP)).


The content of this course can also be adapted for other learning opportunities such as: seminars, speaking engagements, role based learning, private individual skills developments classes, coaching and more.