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Dealing with emotions and conflict

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Working on personal development, enhancing and refining specific cross-sectoral skills is increasingly a requirement within the business environment, regardless of role and position held. Every day, it has to do with different interlocutors, with a lot of work and responsibilities consistently and often with too little time available. If, in addition to learning how to deal with these situations, you would also like to increase your results? The courses are intended to provide new tools, methodologies and approaches to develop communicative, relational, organizational, stress management and problem solving skills with the aim of developing and exalting the potential of people and guiding them to achieving their goals.


"MH194 - Controlling your emotions"
In corporate life, we sometimes encounter situations where changes, tension and stress can make us lose our composure, even though it is precisely at this moment that we most require emotional stability.
The aim of this module is to provide you with tools to deal with these situations.


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Dealing with emotions and conflict courses provided by iLEARN.