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What is Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM®)?

Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM®) is an agile operations-based qualification. It incorporates the core values ​​and principles of the Agile Manifesto, as well as other agile concepts and practices such as DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean. It also covers two Agile Service Management practices: Agile Process Improvement and Agile Process Design.

CASM helps candidates build the skills and knowledge needed to incorporate Agile practices into service design. This helps companies adapt and grow faster, helping them face the challenges of modern business head-on and thrive in the most competitive markets.


What are the benefits of CASM?

CASM provides a number of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Integrating Agile into service development establishes a style for creating iterative goals. This creates job services that generate feedback and revenue to drive further development
  • Focusing on short-term goals increases adaptability and helps teams respond more effectively to customer feedback and changing business needs and circumstances
  • Supporting efficient implementation processes and workflows as well as learning and growth processes
  • CASM practices help organizations create an environment of continuous improvement


Who should get CASM certified?

The CASM certification is designed for a wide variety of candidates. This contains practice owners and process designers, developers interested in making processes more agile, managers who want to connect multiple practices and create a DevOps environment, employees and managers responsible for developing or improving processes, consultants guiding clients through process improvement and DevOps initiatives. To sum up, CASM is aimed to anyone responsible for managing process-related requirements, ensuring process efficiency and effectiveness, or maximizing process value.



  • Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) is offered by Good e-Learning, a DevOps Institute Accredited Training Organisation.


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