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Classroom Full packs (Found+Pract)

The FULL packages offer the chance to do a complete path, from entry level to the advanced certifications.
To proceed in the path, you must successfully pass the basic certifications.
The classroom courses are delivered in classroom in an iLEARN venue, according to the dates defined by the calendar courses.


  • Pre-study material (if required by the training course);
  • In-take questionnaire to tailor the content of the course;
  • Booklet in paper structured with slides presented in the course, accompanied by comments with the aim to facilitate the understanding of the topics covered;
  • Exercises and in class activities as required for the specific skill;
  • Exams.


The certification exam is done in paper format in the afternoon of the last day of the course.
The exam result is communicated to the student a few days later, by email. If applicable the exam results are paired with the assessment (subjective mark) from the trainer for the overall final result.
If the result is positive, the student receives, in the following weeks (4 to 6 weeks), the paper certificate.