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Customer relationship

The digital event represents a breakthrough for business and customer relationship and offers new ways to earn and build customer loyalty. Following, there is a selection of trainings to get the best of this new breakthrough.


"MH100 - The challenges of customer relations"
The role of customer service associates relies more than ever on maintaining loyalty. 
As an ambassador of the brand, you are constructing, day after day, a strong alliance between the company and each customer.
There are a few secrets to building successful relationships with customers.

"MH101 - Customer relationship: building trust"
Trust is a necessary condition of customer relationships. It is difficult to do business with a supplier whom you do not trust!
A customer’s trust cannot be forced, it must be earned.
It is because of you that the customer will build confidence in the supplier.
There are a few secrets to establishing trust with customers.

"MH102 - Customer relationship: practicing active listening"
Every customer is different. If you know how to listen and ask questions, they will tell you their needs, as well as who they are, their values, their beliefs and their emotions.
Understanding customers well will help you to gain their trust.
Understanding customers and their needs will then help you secure buy-in for your proposed solution.

"MH103 - Customer relationship: creating commitment"
Persuading the customer could be as simple as charming the customer. For example, by shining light on a solution that seemed fabulous but which, in retrospect, turned out to be very costly or simply impossible to carry out.
But then what about the customer’s loyalty?
In this module, we are going to explore how to persuade customers.

"MH104 - Developing loyalty through customer relationships"
Today every company believes it is important to retain the loyalty of its best customers.
How do you react to an unhappy customer? How do you repair the relationship to make customers want to continue working with your company?
How do you use cross-selling as an opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty?


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