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                    iLEARN is a REP (Registered Education Partner)
DevOps Institute for the DevOps Foundation course.  

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                For an online verification of the accreditations, do a research with
           ICONS - Innovative Consulting S.r.l.  of wich iLEARN is a business unit.


DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals.

The DevOps Institute is bringing enterprise level DevOps training and certification to the IT market. Working with thought leaders from the DevOps, ITSM, IT training and certification community, the DevOps Institute is setting the standard in quality for enterprise grade DevOps training and certification.

iCONS – Innovative Consulting is a Registered Education Partner of DevOps Institute, thus providing its complete set of training courses.

DevOps' key benefits
  • Responds to accelerated demand for quality software products and services
  • Acknowledges the interdependence of IT functions
  • Recognizes the need for cultural improvements
  • Supports and leverages agile, lean and IT service management (ITSM) practices
  • Encourages the use of automation
DevOps' Goals
  • Better IT alignment and business responsiveness
  • Faster, smaller, more frequent releases
  • Improved
  • Time to market
  • Quality of code, products and services
  • Productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Less waste and fewer defects
  • Lower long-term costs
DevOps' certifications

The DevOps Institute catalogue currently contains two courses and certifications.

DevOps Foundation

This sixteen (16) hour course provides an introduction to DevOps the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster.

The DevOps Foundation course provides foundational knowledge of DevOps including

  • DevOps vocabulary
  • DevOps values and practices
  • The relationship between DevOps, Lean, Agile and ITSM
  • The principles of DevOps automation
  • Guidance for nurturing a DevOps culture

Certified Agile Service Management

This sixteen (16) hour course provides an introduction to Agile Service Management - the application and integration of agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects. Agile thinking improves process efficiency, reduces waste and provides an ongoing capability for IT to continue to deliver value even in the face of changing requirements.

The Certified Agile Service Manager course is designed to

  • Provide the education needed to understand what it means to “be agile”
  • Learn about Scrum from a product and process perspective
  • Instill agile thinking and values into service management (Agile Service Management)
  • Support organizational agility across the DevOps spectrum
  • Cross-pollinate Agile, Scrum and ITSM practices
  • Define a role that is the operational counterpart to Dev’s ScrumMaster
iLEARN offer

iLEARN offers DevOps and Certified Agile Service Manager courses and certifications accredited by the DevOps Institute, in different ways:

  • Classic
    • on pre-scheduled dates (traditional classroom training at iLEARN premises)
    • in-house (traditional classroom training scheduled based on client needs and at customer's or iLEARN premises)
  • Distant-learning (following a remote classroom by means of a webconference)
  • Self-study material (PDF material to be studied autonomously)
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