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CompTIA Server+ Virtual Lab provided by iLEARN Innovative Learning

iLEARN is a CompTIA Delivery Partner 
for CompTIA Server+ courses and exams


iLEARN provides different training solutions and resources to help and support candidates to prepare for and pass CompTIA Server+ certification exam. In this page, you will be able to purchase the CompTIA Server+ virtual lab as a standalone product.
If you are interested in purchasing the entire e-learning course and/or the exam voucher, visit our CompTIA Server+ page.
Below you can find all the details of the official CompTIA Server+ virtual lab. 

The virtual lab prepares for CompTIA Server+ SK-005 certification.


Details of CompTIA Server+ SK0-005 Virtual Lab

CompTIA CertMaster Labs for Server+ (SK0-005) provides hands-on practice and skill development with access to real-world equipment and software through a browser-based remote lab environment. Aligned with official CompTIA courseware and CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005) exam objectives, CertMaster Labs allow learners to easily practice and apply their skills in real-world workplace scenarios in preparation for certification exams. All lab activities include gradeable assessments, provide feedback and prompts, and provide grades based on learner input, ultimately guiding you on the correct and most efficient path through your assignment.

CompTIA CertMaster Labs for Server+ (SK0-005) is available for 12 months and is composed by browser-based virtual labs carried out on real equipment.
There are two types of labs in this pack:

  • 33 Assisted Labs guide learners through tasks step-by-step and provide assessment and feedback in 10-15 minute experiences, allowing learners to correct any misunderstandings as the activity progresses.
  • 7 Applied Labs present a series of goal-oriented scenarios covering multiple topics in a 20-30 minute experience, and students are graded at the end of the activity based on their ability to successfully complete each scenario. As a result, learners are forced to think critically about how to solve problems without prescribed steps.





Individual price

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Access duration of the course

1 year

Who it is aimed at

  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Center Technician
  • Server Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Field Service Technician or Engineer
  • IT Technician
  • Data Center Engineer


Assisted Labs included:

  • Exploring the Lab Environment
  • Reporting Windows Server Specifications
  • Reporting Linux Server Specifications
  • Deploying a Hyper-V VM
  • Deploying a Docker Container
  • Auditing Network Services
  • Securing Network Traffic with IPSec
  • Managing System Inventories
  • Monitoring Performance in Windows
  • Monitoring Performance in Linux
  • Managing Event Logs in Windows
  • Managing Event Logs in Linux
  • Configuring RAID Storage in Windows
  • Provisioning iSCSI Storage
  • Deploying a Linux Application Server
  • Configuring Volumes in Linux
  • Managing Network Configurations
  • Developing Network Documentation
  • Developing Administrative Bash Scripts
  • Developing Administrative PowerShell Scripts
  • Troubleshooting a Network Issue
  • Auditing Accounts and Permissions in Windows
  • Configuring Server Roles
  • Configuring Administrative Interfaces
  • Managing Virtual Memory
  • Configuring Group Policy Objects
  • Analyzing Configuration Baselines
  • Configuring EFS and BitLocker
  • Troubleshooting a Security Issue
  • Configuring Backup Solutions on Windows Server
  • Configuring Backup Solutions on Linux
  • Configuring a File Server Cluster
  • Decommissioning a Domain Controller

Applied Labs included:

  • Deploying and Monitoring Servers
  • Managing Storage and Networks
  • Troubleshooting Servers Scenario #1
  • Troubleshooting Servers Scenario #2
  • Troubleshooting Servers Scenario #3
  • Troubleshooting Server Security Scenario #1
  • Troubleshooting Server Security Scenario #2

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