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Management & Leadership

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Developing and training strategic thinking is vital for those who are candidates for leadership positions. In addition to allowing a structured idea of a definite governance and ensuring organizational continuity, in fact, this allows us to address the continuous internal and external changes to the company and to exploit them to produce innovative adjustments. Courses in this section are designed for those who want to become a real and constant point of reference for their employees and the company.


Fundamentals of management

  • Making your new management position successful (part A)
  • Making your new management position successful (part B)
  • The management styles
  • Fostering and maintaining motivation
  • The situational skills of the manager
  • The relational skills of the manager (part A)
  • The relational skills of the manager (part B)
  • The emotional skills of the manager

Advanced management skills

  • Effective decision-making (part A)
  • Effective decision-making (part B)
  • Being persuasive in management situations (part A)
  • Being persuasive in management situations (part B)


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Management & Leadership courses provided by iLEARN