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Fundamentals of management


"MH140 - Making your new management position successful (Part A)"
When a new manager takes over, he/she must face real changes in the situation.
Very often, an employee is promoted to a managerial position on the basis of his or her recognized expertise. But managerial expertise is different. Managers have to learn to delegate. They also have to learn to motivate coworkers. This is one of the main lessons any new manager has to learn.

"MH140 - Making your new management position successful (Part B)"
Your initial contacts will determine how successful you will be in your new role. This is something that has to be organized and structured properly, helping you clarify the new rules of engagement.

"MH141 - The management styles"
Managers have to deal with a range of different situations, from coworkers with different skills and motivations, to circumstances with varying imperatives and degrees of urgency.
Managers must constantly adapt. Intuition, experience and personality are not enough on their own. Instead, managers must be conscious of their preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and constantly adjust their behavior. They need to assess risks and develop their interpersonal and organizational strengths if they want to succeed.
This module will help you understand the different options and adopt the appropriate behavior.

"MH142 - Fostering and maintaining motivation"
Managers are always trying to find ways to motivate or remotivate coworkers. Motivated coworkers generate value-added and take initiatives which enable you to satisfy customer expectations.
But can we be sure that this is due to motivation? Sometimes, other factors are involved, e.g. satisfaction, commitment or solidarity.
To be able to foster and sustain motivation, managers must understand how it works, use the right drivers and take appropriate action.

"MH143 - The situational skills of the manager"
When managers come face-to-face with a problem, they must take into account all of the aspects involved (e.g. human, corporate culture or social environment), and how these aspects interact.
Now more than ever, managers are confronted with complex situations where traditional troubleshooting methods are not applicable.
Systems thinking enables you to address these complex situations effectively.
In addition to describing the theory of systems thinking, this module will provide concrete answers to your operational problems.

"MH144 - The relational skills of the manager (Part. A)"
A manager’s activities mainly involve receiving information, communicating, transmitting knowledge and helping individuals and teams with their methodology and decision-making. These fundamental activities can only be carried out successfully via an appropriate communication system. An effective manager therefore needs to use the appropriate means of communication and make best use of time spent in contact with the team.

"MH144 - The relational skills of the manager (Part. B)"
Part B: Individual meetings are important moments for manager and coworker alike. They can only be successful if the manager is able to understand, listen and explain his or her decisions. Managers must therefore establish a regular schedule of individual meetings and ensure they are available to deal with sensitive situations or unforeseen circumstances. 

"MH145 - The emotional skills of the manager"
Traditionally, emotions have long been banned from the workplace as can be seen by expressions such as “leave your emotions at the door”.
In reality, emotions are constantly present at work. By managing your own emotions and by maintaining emotional equilibrium, you learn to manage situations objectively and clearly. Emotional intelligence is an essential management skill.


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