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iLEARN is an AEO (Approved Examination Organization) 
of PeopleCert for MoV® exams

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Management of Value (MoV®) provides essential guidance on the most efficient use of resources to maximize the benefits from portfolios, programmes and projects. MoV combines a set of principles, processes and techniques.

MoV proposes a definition of value that embraces both monetary and non-monetary benefits, and argues that the subjectivity of value increases the need for it to be actively managed. It provides a method, supported by techniques, for allocating scarce funds as effectively as possible. MoV has evolved from the practice of value management across many sectors, over many years. The guidance describes methods that are as relevant as ever, although their use is often overlooked or misapplied.

The guidance is intended to help organizations and individuals use a successful, proven methodology to supplement their current management practices, so that they can increase the value they deliver and make better use of resources.

The guide is structured around four integrated concepts:

  • Principles: factors that underpin MoV. The principles are based on tried-and-tested practices over the past fifty years, and successful value management is unlikely to be achieved if these are not applied. However they are not prescriptive and organization need to develop their own polices and processes to meet their specific requirements.
  • Processes and Techniques: the methods and tools used in MoV application. The set of processes define the structure of the approach and use of specialist techniques to provide a practical approach to understanding value.
  • Approach: how to apply MoV to portfolios, programmes and projects.
  • Environment: responding to external and internal influences.

In addition, the guide contains information on how to embed the practice of MoV into an organization. It also includes four appendices covering document outlines, a toolbox of useful techniques, guidance on how to conduct a health check on MoV practice within an organization and how to assess and improve maturity of MoV practice.



  • Online courses are provided by ILX Group. ILX Group is a PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisation (ATO).



The pattern of MoV professional qualification is developed in 2 levels. iLEARN offers the Foundation training course accompanied by a final examination:

MoV Foundation
MoV Foundation course covers MoV Principles, Processes and Techniques. It also covers MoV Approach and Implementation, the MoV Environment, Embedding MoV and the MoV Guidance Appendices.


iLEARN offers MoV Foundation level in the following way:

  • E-learning (training provided through our online learning management system from anywhere and anytime)

MoV or Management of Value courses in english provided by iLEARN