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The OBASHI® Foundation course allows you to understand how act as an informed member of a management team which is using the OBASHI Method to understand and assess an organisation.

The objective of the course is give to the candidate the clarity and vision to help develop and improve the way business works.

OBASHI Foundation online course details
  • 12 lessons
  • 5 hours of video
  • 10 hours to complete the course
Online course format and characteristics
  • Access 24/7
  • Access to the e-learning system, help included, and to all the material (videos, documents) in English
  • Videos for all the lessons recorded by accredited teachers
  • Documents with detailed content (slides, explanations) for every lesson that can be downloaded in PDF format
  • Course quiz with immediate online correction
  • two official mock exams
  • Final lesson on how to approach the exam
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Online exam format and characteristics
  • Online exam 24/7
  • The exam is done entirely online
  • The exam must be booked at the latest 72 hours before the day of the exam
  • To book your exam write to [email protected] or call 0039 0362.33 01 07
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Individual price


Access duration of the course

120 days


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The objective of the OBASHI qualification is to provide the candidate with the knowledge of the method in order to use it to assess and show how the business works and how it can be improved. The course will prepare you for the OBASHI Foundation exam.

Who it is aimed at

OBASHI has its roots in the oil industry, but is applicable to any organisation and at all levels. Use OBASHI to create dataflows diagrams to enable strategic planning, or to plan and assess the impact of low-level changes. OBASHI is not just about IT. It?s about the fact that all businesses now rely on data ? so we must understand how this data flows.


The Foundation certificate gives to the candidate a basic knowledge of OBASHI, including being able to:

  • Work as an informed member of a team using OBASHI
  • Understand how OBASHI supports the business strategy
  • Understand the benefits of OBASHI
  • Recall principles, laws and deliverables associated with OBASHI

A study tracker, the syllabus, lesson materials and mock exams are included in the course.


This course does not require any previous knowledge of OBASHI. There are no mandatory pre-requisites for the exam.

Teacher language


Material course language


Paper certificate

The official electronic certificate (e-certificate) is provided free of charge and automatically, as a result of exam, and it has the same validity of the paper certificate.
If you still want to receive the paper certificate, in addition to the electronic certificate, choose this option. The certificate will be sent directly to the adress you provide at the exam registration.

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Attendance certificate

With this option you can request to receive the official attendance certificate, available in electronic (pdf) or paper format (shipping included).

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OBASHI® Foundation 120d with exam (english) online course in English provided by iLEARN Innovative Learning