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What is RESILIA™ Foundation?

RESILIA Foundation is an introductory qualification that covers basic knowledge of how to handle cyber risk. The Foundation certification can be obtained by passing the official exam. It leads on to more advanced qualifications such as RESILIA Practitioner.

RESILIA Foundation level helps individuals understand how operational decisions can have an impact on good cyber resilience. It shows how nurturing cyber resilience can support operational effectiveness and business efficiency. The RESILIA Foundation qualification provides an introduction to the key terms and benefits associated with cyber resilience and will enable individuals to demonstrate they understand and recognize best practice and know how to manage and address cyber risk.


What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber Resilience measures an organization’s capacity to prepare for, resist, respond to and recover from cyberattacks. A cyber resilient organization can also adapt to unknown crises and thrive in adverse conditions.

But how does Cyber Resilience differ from Information Security? Traditionally, cybersecurity has focused on an organization’s ability to detect and prevent cyber-attacks using regularly tested technical controls and security standards.
Due to the quickly evolving nature of cyber-attacks, it is no longer feasible to prevent all attacks, regardless of how up-to-date a company’s IT controls are. Cyber resilience accepts that attacks will happen and focuses instead on how a business responds and recovers.


What is RESILIA Foundation useful for?

Studying RESILIA can be of use to staff across multiple departments and at all levels of seniority. Knowledge of the benefits associated with cyber resilience is also useful to everyone, from IT service staff to boardroom executives.
In addition, all core business departments – HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations, and Marketing - can benefit from having cyber resilience knowledge within their team. Having preventative measures and best practices ready to go will always be the best way to deal with potential threats.


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