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SCRUMLEARN Master Certified



In Scrum implementation field, the role of Scrum Master is operating as a coach and facilitator for all the other members of one or more Scrum teams involved in the implementation of project activities or Business as Usual. Therefore, he doesn’t achieve the expected results, but it helps the others to have success in the Scrum application and in achieving the goals. He is an expert of the subject with theoretical and practical skills of Scrum implementation and of the role of facilitator and coach.



iLEARN offers ScrumLearn Master Certified certification, that has the aim of evaluating and attesting the mastering of the necessary skills to carry out in an optimal way the role of Scrum Master. In order to acquire these skills, iLEARN makes available ScrumLearn Master Certified courses too, both classroom and online.



ScrumLearn Master Certified provides candidates with the necessary knowledge for the Scrum implementation in Business as Usual projects or activities.  Moreover, the course prepares the participants for Scrum Master Certified exam.


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