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In this showcase you will find a selection of training courses and exams in the Cyber and IT Security context. 
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What is SECO Institute?

The Security and Continuity Institute (SECO) is Europe's leading certification body for high-quality security and continuity and the knowledge base for cybersecurity and governance certification schemes. Currently, the SECO Institute is the independent intellectual authority for cybersecurity and governance certification programs.
SECO's mission is to educate professionals from novice to advanced job-specific expertise in safety and continuity.


What are SECO Institute Cyber and IT Security certifications?

iLEARN offers several SECO Institute training courses and certifications exams in this field, available in self-study (pdf material) or distant learning modality.

SECO Institute Information Security

SECO Institute Information Security Certification Pathway is a four-level certification program designed for those who wish to begin a career in information security and advance to senior positions in information security or cybersecurity management. The program is developed by experienced CISOs in accordance with European laws, regulations and best practices. It has been adopted by major banks and government organizations and has produced many talented professionals who are now pursuing lucrative careers in the security industry.

SECO Institute IT-Security

SECO Institute IT Security Certification Course is a four-level certification program tailored for those who wish to start a career in IT security and advance to an advanced IT security role. The program was developed by experienced and dedicated IT security managers and cybersecurity consultants. Certification levels relate to the knowledge and practical skills you need to become a successful IT security professional, able to overcome today's risks and anticipate future threats.

SECO Institute Secure Programming

SECO Institute Secure Programming Foundation provides an in-depth hands-on introduction to secure software development. You'll learn which programming errors lead to software vulnerabilities, how attackers exploit them, and how to prevent software errors that lead to cyber-attacks. The course benefits both software developers and security professionals. To be able to successfully participate in the hands-on exercise, participants should at least have programming knowledge and preferably understand the principles of the most common software development models.


Why is Cyber Security crucial for any organization?

As technology becomes more sophisticated, the skills of criminals often exceed those of security professionals in an organization. The number of successful attacks is the proof. With the growing importance of cybersecurity, skilled and well-trained engineers are in high demand. Organizations need people with the skills to secure networks and protect systems, computers and data from attack, damage and/or unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity breaches are costly and can damage any business, both financially and reputationally. A recent survey found that 43% of organizations have experienced a data breach involving sensitive customer or business information in the past two years. According to these figures, every year two out of five organizations are affected by major security breaches that compromise vast amounts of confidential data.

It seems to be hardly a week without at least one data breach report making the news. Credit card information may have been stolen from the store. Health insurance companies may have lost records of their underwriters. The government is losing records of those with permission, while allegedly private emails are now being posted on activism websites. It seems that no organization, private or public, is immune to cyberattacks.

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