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Praxis Framework™ and Lean IT


Praxis Framework™ is the integrated framework for the project, programme and portfolio management which, finally, provides Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability, helping you to succeed in the management of transformation initiatives, from the simplest to the most complex ones.
By covering the full breadth of knowledge in a single framework, Praxis is the faster and most efficient means to acquire the necessary skills for the delivery of projects and programmes.


Lean IT Foundation helps the IT organizations to supply effectively and with increasing efficiency, services to their customers. It helps to develop the required attitude and culture for a continuous improvement, through the full understanding of what generates value for the customer, of the processes that deliver this value and of the cultural and behavioural change needed.


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  • Online course with 120 access days to the platform, without exam: 199,00€    99,00€
  • Online course with 7 access days to the platform, with exam:          299,00€  199,00€
  • Online course with 30 access days to the platform, with exam:        349,00€  249,00€
  • Online course with 120 access days to the platform, with exam:      399,00€  299,00€


The offer is valid until May 31st 2018 included
Subscriptions and payments are to be made within this timeframe

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