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The AgilePM�® certification addresses the needs of those who work in planning contexts and who need to be agile. Agile management or agile project management is an interactive method for defining requisites and creating the corresponding output for projects, typically in the fields of engineering or information technology, which are characterised by a strong need for interaction and flexibility. It works well in contexts where the requisites cannot be clearly and/ or completely defined at the beginning.


The version of Agile PM Foundation and Practitioner online courses is v1.2.


To obtain AgilePM Foundation and AgilePM Practitioner certifications, you need to follow a training course with the updated version v2.0.
Add the one-on-one option and schedule a coaching session after the online course. Then, you can access the official certification.
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Access duration of the course

7 days




The objective of the Agile Project Management Foundation course is to discover and explore these components, principles and processes. The Foundation level is also required to be able to go on to the successive qualification levels.
The AgilePM Foundation course is a prerequisite for access of the next level of qualification, AgilePM Practitioner.

The aim of the Agile Project Management Practitioner course is to ensure and confirm, with an exam pass, that a candidate is able to start and apply the method in many cases of real life projects.

Who it is aimed at

The Agile Project Management Foundation is useful for all those involved in the change within organisations, regardless of their level of competency in the field of project management, so for experienced project managers who do not know the agile methods and for for those who approach the project management for the first time.

The Agile Project Management Practitioner qualification level is particularly recommended for Project Managers. It is also relevant for resources working on planning, development and creation of a project the agile way.


Contents of AgilePM Foundation:

  • What is agile? The choice of the most suitable approach;
  • Agile Project Management ? The fundamentals;
  • Roles and responsibilities;
  • Preparing yourself for Agile Project Management;
  • Agile Project Management;
  • The processes and products of Agile Project Management;
  • The communication;
  • Prioritising and time-boxing;
  • Agile control;
  • Requisites, estimations;
  • Agile planning.

Contents of AgilePM Practitioner:

Participants who enroll an AgilePM Practitioner training course must have a thorough knowledge of the Foundation course topics.

The Practitioner level provides customization and application of Agile Project Management within the context of simulated real-world cases.

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AgilePM® FULL (Foundation+Practitioner) 180d online v1.2 online course in English provided by iLEARN Innovative Learning