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Energize, Motivate and Reward for teams

Our world changes fast. Long time memories crash against short term stressed filled change. Tension, caffeine, internal politics, cultural habits, all sums to demotivate professionals and teams underperform.

Still the world keeps moving forward. New achievements show us daily that everything's possible when motivated, energized people are behind.

If we also recognize the fact that everyone needs to be appreciated and that this can be done with as little as the right words at the right time, we have the recipe for success.

No one seeks mediocrity, we are all after gold. So an effort to energize, motivate and reward our teams will produce great results and lead to a more enjoyable work experience.

This course was designed to focus in energizing, motivating and rewarding individuals, professionals and organizations.

Independently of the organizational culture, people’s upbringing, budget, managerial styles, there is always room to positively impact the other and have better, more rewarding and happy working experiences and overall successful teams and profitable organizations.

Therefore the content will focus in formal and informal rewards for every budget and organizational cultures. It will get deep into how to energize individual for them move on to do the same with teams and organizations.

Through corporate examples, videos and practical sessions participants will look into subjects such as boosting creativity, empowerment, autonomy, team initiative, self-management, work environment, volunteering, awards, public recognition, visibility and more.

The course is delivered by GÜETCHU.


Basic: levels are achieved by exposure. The longer the training the higher the level. A basic level is achieved in 1 day session.


The content of this course can also be adapted for other learning opportunities such as: seminars, speaking engagements, role based learning, private individual skills developments classes, coaching and more.