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Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP)

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iLEARN est un ATO (Accredited Training Organization) 
de APMG-International pour les cours 
Enterprise Big Data Certification

APMG. Enterprise BD Professional accredidation 

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The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) course will provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of Big Data and related technologies. In this extensive program, delegates will learn how to adopt, adapt and apply the fundamental principles of Big Data in their own organization to realize business benefits. The Enterprise Big Data Professional qualification is an entry-level course for all professionals that aim to get a basic understanding of Big Data terminology, core concepts and Big Data solutions.



The Enterprise Big Data certification is the first level of the Big Data Framework course curriculum and certification program, that is globally recognized and accredited by APMG-International. The curriculum provides a vendor-neutral and objective understanding of Big Data architectures, technologies and processes.



The Enterprise Big Data Professional course is a vendor-independent program that is dedicated to applying Big Data best practices towards enterprise organizations. The practical examples from real-world situations will help to gain a better understanding about how Big Data can be used in actual situations. The course will provide an overview of existing technologies but will not go into programming or implementation. 


Here below you can read the course sheet with information about Enterprise Big Data Professional course.

Cours de certification Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) offerts par iLEARN