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Negotiation skills for organizations

Have you ever found that you had differences with another individual, whether a partner, a colleague, a friend, a child, a boss or even a complete stranger? Then you have been confronted to the need of putting your negotiation skills at work. Yes, negotiation is the way by which people settle disputes of any kind. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand how powerful is to be in control and have clarity of mind to approach a certain negotiation scenario.

While trying to settle a situation, even a disagreement we aim to achieve the best possible outcome for us, for the team we lead or the organization we represent. And we are at the same time influenced by our sense of honesty, fairness, well-being, time constraints, organizational bylaws and principles among others. So we clearly understand that just bubbling out the first thing that comes to mind will not be the best way to negotiate.

In this course we would focus successful negotiation technics so as to do so effectively in a different situations and with people of different levels of power. We will also consider how our negotiation results impact the organizations we represent and ourselves.

We will also reflect in the different types of outcomes that we can achieve while negotiating and understand which are the ones that we can accept and which we cannot.

And finally we will reflect on the influencing process and how we can achieve things even without having the proper authority or power.

The course is delivered by GÜETCHU.


Basic, Advanced, Expert: levels are achieved by exposure. The longer the training the higher the level. A basic level is achieved in 1 day session. Advanced level is from 2 to 3 days. Expert is a five day course (which is combined with Presentation skills (PSITP), Communications skills (CSITP) and Non-verbal communication (NVCBL)).


The content of this course can also be adapted for other learning opportunities such as: seminars, speaking engagements, role based learning, private individual skills developments classes, coaching and more.