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About us

iLEARN, part of iCONS – Innovative Consulting, is the training centre for the iGROUP group.

iLEARN designs and delivers, at international level, both standard and tailor-made courses, as per calendar or on client premises, on managerial and technical topics.

iLEARN does not only provide training courses, but helps companies to identify and design optimal training programs for their human resources, generating intellectual capital within their companies, primary value in a competitive challenge.

iGROUP, supported in iCONS - Innovative Consulting, executes high profile operations in customers in the areas of in IT Governance, IT Service Management and Portfolio, Program and Project Management. From that practical experience comes iLEARN division expertise.


Exploring iLEARN and its Training and Certification Programs


What we do

The main thematic areas supported by iLEARN with a rich educational offer are:

  • IT Governance
  • IT Service Management
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Information & Cyber Security
  • Change, Risk & Resilience

In these areas, iLEARN has identified the most successful best practices. They are generally they are the ones that have an associated training path that leads to a professional qualification, such as ITIL®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, COBIT® 5, COBIT® 2019, ITSM roles, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, MoP®, P3O®, DevOps, MSP®, AgilePM®, Lean IT, SCRUM, PMP®, CAPM®, TOGAF® 9 and many more.

Consequently, iLEARN concentrates on the planning, realisation and official accreditation, with APMG, PeopleCert and The Open Group, of courses that support such professional learning pathways.

Over the years, iLEARN has acquired a considerable amount of knowledge about the disciplines and relevant best practice as well as experience in the training field that enable it to offer personalised and flexible training courses, based on individual client needs.

For more information about the thematic areas, visit the site homepage.


How we do

To make sure that we are able to meet the needs of all our clients and students, iLEARN has come up with different training formats so that there is something for everyone.

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Classic training

Traditional classroom training.

Distant learning

Traditional approach to training but done virtually via an online platform.


The training is done entirely on-line.


Why it works

There are various reasons behind the success of iLEARN.

The iLEARN teachers have more than ten years experience as consultants in their field. This makes the whole learning experience extremely alive, interactive and interesting for the participants, with exchanges and examples of how what is being taught has been applied in the business world. This real life experience however doesn't in any way substitute the teachers' theoretical knowledge of the subject. In fact, all the iLEARN teachers are certified to the highest standard and are officially accredited instructors of the line of qualifications that they work with.

The professionalism of the teachers, who are involved in the planning and realisation of the courses, shines through in the quality and usability of the training material. This courseware is always available in English, the language in which all the best practice are drawn up, and often also in the local language (every time the exams associated with the training courses is available in the local language).

Finally, iLEARN delivers all its courses in a very flexible manner: on fixed dates; by the client's demand (in its training centres); tailor made, in distant and online modes.