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Study online: how does it work?

Online courses are courses provided through the iLEARN platform in e-learning mode, that is a training mode provided through online learning management system from anywhere and anytime.

This mode releases the student from all the constraints of having to be in a certain place at a certain time for the lessons.

iLEARN's online courses are accredited by the official bodies APMG, PeopleCert, The Open Group, SCRUMStudy, 6sigmastudy, ISACA and EXIN.

iLEARN courses in e-learning have been created in such a way as to offer the best learning support to the student.

How can I purchase an online course?

It is possible to proceed with the purchase of an online course directly on this website!

It only takes you a few steps:

  1. Select the package that you would like to purchase and add it to cart
  2. Create an account or proceed with the log in if you’re already registered
  3. Fill in the mandatory information to complete the purchase order
  4. Proceed with the payment by choosing one of these methods:
    - Credit card
    - PayPal
    - Bank transfer
  5. Once you’ve completed the order and payment you can manage your purchase directly from the reserved area

If you're a company and you cannot purchase from the website, contact us to receive a formal  proposal

The advantages of iLEARN online courses

The online mode proposed by iLEARN facilitates learning:

  • Access to multimedia lessons "like being in class" via our proprietary platform wich combines videos and slides, course material, online quizzes, sample exams and exercises);
  • Set your own learning pace (speed);
  • Study the material offline;
  • Repeat any lessons at any time;
  • Skip lessons that are already familiar to you;
  • Provides end of unit quizzes to check knowledge;
  • Send messages to accredited teachers asking, for example, for more in-depth information and didactic support;
  • Availability of a forum to help you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions immediately;
  • Mock exams, where applicable;
  • The possibility to take the certification exam online. For other methods to pass the exam, contact us.

To see an online course  STRUCTURE click here. 
To see an online course DEMO click here.

Course access requirements

To do the course with a personal computer, a tablet or with smartphone, these must have the following minimum specifications:

  • Chrome browser (recommended), Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge
  • headphones or speakers
  • Acrobat Reader (only most recent version fully supported)
  • a fast internet connection such as ADSL or one with a comparable or superior speed (do a speedtest by clicking here)
  • WindowsMacOS, iOSAndroid (only most recent version fully supported)

To be able to access the e-learning platform the student must also accept the terms and conditions of use the actual platform and the content (of the courses) delivered via it. A copy of these terms and conditions of use can be viewed by clicking here.


Thanks to the new App "iLEARN LMS", you can access your e-learning course from anywhere and at anytime you want on your mobile devices. Download it now!

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Some of the courses that we offer are provided by our partners such as VMEdu (SCRUMstudy, 6sigmastudy) and ILX. These courses are available on platforms with different characteristics. For information on the structure and characteristics, contact us .