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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a system that stores transactional records, called blocks, in multiple databases, known as the “chain,” which are connected through peer-to-peer nodes. This system is often referred to as a "digital ledger." Each transaction in this ledger is authorized by the digital signature of the owner, ensuring its authenticity and preventing tampering. This makes the information in the digital ledger highly secure.

Record-keeping of data and transactions is crucial for businesses. Traditionally, this information is managed internally or through intermediaries like brokers, bankers, or lawyers, which can increase time and costs. Blockchain streamlines this process, enabling faster transactions and reducing both time and expenses.

Which are the key benefits of Blockchain?

Blockchain is an emerging technology with many advantages in an increasingly digital world:

  • Highly Secure - Blockchain technology uses a digital signature feature to conduct fraud-free transactions making it impossible to corrupt or change the data of an individual by the other users without a specific digital signature.
  • Decentralized System - Conventionally, you need the approval of regulatory authorities like a government or bank for transactions; however, with Blockchain, transactions are done with the mutual consensus of users resulting in smoother, safer, and faster transactions.
  • Automation Capability - Blockchain technology is programmable and can generate systematic actions, events, and payments automatically when the criteria of the trigger are met.

Why is Blockchain important for an organization?

Blockchain is important for organizations because it enhances security through its decentralized and immutable nature, making transactions secure and reducing fraud risks. It provides transparency and traceability, ensuring all parties have access to the same information, which is crucial for industries like supply chain management. Blockchain also increases efficiency and speed by automating processes, reducing the need for intermediaries, and allowing for faster transactions. It lowers operational costs and improves data integrity by creating an unalterable record of transactions. The technology supports the development of new business models and innovative solutions, facilitates regulatory compliance and auditing, and empowers users by giving them more control over their data and transactions. Additionally, blockchain enhances interoperability between different systems, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Overall, blockchain helps organizations improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance security, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Blockchain certification pathway

iLEARN offers courses and exams in the field of Blockchain. The exam is part of the EXIN Blockchain certification scheme, while the online course serves as a general and introductory course designed to help individuals become familiar with the topic.

Blockchain online course
This Blockchain eLearning course is designed for developers who want to learn about Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies. The course covers using the latest tools to build Blockchain applications, setting up your own private Blockchain, deploying smart contracts on Ethereum, and gaining practical experience with real-world projects.

  • Blockchain online course is provided by our partner ILX Group.

EXIN Blockchain Foundation
The EXIN Blockchain Foundation certification confirms an individual's understanding of blockchain as a ledger with global potential for decentralized record-keeping of asset registration, inventory, and transfer. This certification encompasses fundamental blockchain concepts, potential applications across various fields, the organizational benefits, and the underlying technology driving blockchain.

How to prepare for Blockchain exams?

We offer both the EXIN Blockchain Foundation exam and the ILX Blockchain online course, which are independent of each other. The ILX Blockchain course has not been specifically created for the EXIN exam, but it serves as a valuable resource that can aid in the preparation for the EXIN Blockchain Foundation certification. While the ILX course provides a broad and introductory understanding of blockchain technology, it complements the knowledge needed for the EXIN Blockchain Foundation exam, making it a useful tool for those seeking certification.

However, attending an official training course is not mandatory to access the EXIN Blockchain exam. Candidates have the option to prepare through self-study.

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