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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Maintaining your CompTIA certifications

What are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) correspond to a measure used in Continuing Education programs to help professionals maintaining their certifications in their profession.

Please note that you have to renew your CompTIA certifications each three years.

Before submitting your CEUs, firstly you need to pay Continuing Education Fees.

  • CE fees are required for renewals and must be paid prior to submitting a CEU (unless renewals are made by obtaining a qualifying higher level of CompTIA certification or by CertMaster CE).
  • The total CE fee depends on the CompTIA certification you need to renew.
  • After paying these fees you can submit eligible activities for CompTIA CEUs.

Do you have to renew multiple CompTIA certifications?

If you hold multiple CompTIA certifications you will only have to complete the renewal requirement for the highest certification.
Renewal will also automatically renew your lower CompTIA certification.

How to choose your renewal path for CompTIA certifications?

You can renew your CompTIA certification by referring to one of the following paths:

Renew with a Single Activity:

  • Complete CompTIA CertMaster CE
  • Earn a higher-level CompTIA certification
  • Earn a non-CompTIA IT industry certification
  • Pass the latest version of your CompTIA exam
  • Compare all single activity options

Renew with Multiple Activities:

  • Earn another CompTIA certification
  • Earn non-CompTIA IT industry certifications
  • Complete training and higher education
  • Participate in IT industry activities
  • Publish a relevant article, white paper, blog post or book
  • Gain related work experience

How can I earn CEUs?

To obtain CEUs, your activity must fulfill the below requirements:

  • Timing: Activities must be completed during your three-year-period cycle.
  • Relevance: At least 50 percent of the activity content must identify with one or more exam objectives for the certification you need to renew
  • Documentation: In order to receive CEUs you will have to provide documentation for the following activities:

a. Earn non-CompTIA IT industry certifications:

All CompTIA certifications included in the Continuing Education (CE) program can be renewed by earning a qualifying non-CompTIA IT industry certification.

Your submission must include a copy of the certificate, transcript or badge link issued by the certifying body and contain the below information:
1. Your name
2. The name of the certification
3. The date when the certifications was earned or renewed

Visit this page and discover what certifications or training courses are recognized

b. Complete training and higher education
c. Participate in IT industry events
d. Post relevant articles, white papers, blog posts or books
e. Gain work experience

Click here to check if your Continuing Education activity meets the CE program requirements

 How do I submit my completed activities?

There are two ways to submit your activities:

Manual Submissions:

In order to submit completed activities and earn CEUs you must be logged into your certification account.

Automated Submissions:

CompTIA will automatically renew your certification after you complete at least one of the following activities:

  • Competion of CompTIA CertMaster CE
  • Pass the latest version of the CompTIA exam
  • Earn higher CompTIA certification

 How do I submit my CEUs?

After completing the activities to earn CEUs, you'll just have to submit the activity details and upload the required documentation to your account.

For more information and details about CompTIA certifications renewal read this page