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In this showcase you will find the next available dates for FitSM online courses (live virtual sessions) with certification exam. These courses are provided via web-conference in real time by our FitSM accredited trainers. FitSM certification exams will be taken online on APMG-International portal. 

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Many organizations use the IT Service Management standard in order to organize their IT and Information Technology related activities into services oriented to the customer.

At first, this was achieved by organizations by using the core guidance and Best Practices provided by the IT Infrastructure Library. However, with very few exceptions, only a few processes are adopted, mainly in customer interfacing IT support.

FitSM® is designed for professionals who wish to acquire the competences needed to implement effective ITSM processes without having to delve into the intense details of other frameworks.  

While Best Practices lack some elements for standardization, FitSM® has been designed to implement auditable standards in these core processes, thus focusing on the essentials in IT Service Management.


What can organizations achieve with FitSM®?

  • the steps towards implementing the full set of IT Service Management processes
  • enhancing an organization’s provision of IT services – using a concise, lightweight and achievable ITSM standard
  • application of effective ITSM processes in federated environments – where services are managed in cooperation with competing or disparate organizations
  • successful management of specific ITSM processes
  • implementation of the foundations of effective ITSM processes – in instances where it is not necessary to implement the detailed processes delivered by other frameworks like ISO/IEC 20000
  • adoption of effective IT processes through checklists and maturity assessment


Which are the benefits for a certified FitSM® professional?

  • the basic IT service management concepts and terms
  • the purpose and structure of FitSM standards – and their relationship to other standards
  • the process framework underpinning FitSM
  • the requirements defined in FitSM – enabling you to adopt implementation more quickly and efficiently


Can FitSM® be an alternative to the IT Infrastructure Library?

  • Absolutely, if an organization wants to focus on the core IT Service Management disciplines and is looking for a fast implementation as a standard;
  • Most likely, if people need to be trained on the core and the unnecessary overhead can be avoided. There are up to 80% savings possible compared to other qualifications;
  • Unlikely, if the IT Infrastructure Library is intended to be used as a holistic model across the organization, thus leaving out DevOps, Cloud sourcing and agility.



FitSM® Foundation

The FitSM® Foundation level certifies your ability in implementing effective, fundamental IT service management processes.

FitSM® Advanced Service Operation and Control (SOC)

The FitSM® Advanced Service Operation and Control (SOC) level certifies your ability to inform effective control and operation of an organization's services.

FitSM® Advanced Service Planning and Delivery (SPD)

The FitSM® Advanced Service Planning and Delivery (SPD) level certifies your expertise in service planning and delivery.

FitSM® Expert

The FitSM® Expert level certifies your broader expertise in ITSM and managing an organisational service management system.



iLEARN makes FitSM® training courses available in the following modalities:

  • Classic
    • On pre-scheduled dates: traditional classroom training at iLEARN premises
    • in-house: traditional classroom training scheduled based on client needs and at customer’s or iLEARN premises
  • Distant-learning: following a remote classroom by means of a web conference

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