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In this page, you can find useful information about the technical requirements and procedures for taking online proctored exams for CompTIA certifications.


Online exams (OnVUE online proctored exams) allow you to conveniently and easily take an exam in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by an offsite proctor. All communication with the proctor is done in English.

Online testing is ideal because it allows candidates to:

  • Test anywhere – especially from the security and privacy of their own home
  • Test anytime – online testing can be conducted 24/7, schedule your exam whenever time permits, avoiding competing priorities or conflicts
  • Test in a highly secure environment – remote proctoring ensures all candidates test under the same secure monitoring conditions as a test center

Here below you can find the steps to follow in order to take your exam online:


Important information and procedures to take online certification exams with CompTIA


Getting started

Before taking a CompTIA certification exam, all candidates are prompted to agree with the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. Failure to accept the agreement results in the forfeiture of your exam fee.

Please be sure to review all testing policies and procedures here:

Run a system test.

Click here to run a system test.

Make sure to use the same computer and network you will use to take your certification exam.

The system test takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You will be asked to take photos of yourself and the workspace where you will be taking your exam. Make sure to move all books and writing objects out of reach, unplug additional monitors and computers and clear your walls of any writing. You will also need an ID and phone (which must be set out of arm’s reach after check-in).

To avoid delays during your exam appointment, complete the system test prior to the start of your exam.


Schedule your exam

When you’re ready to take your exam, visit CompTIA’s website to prepare your testing environment and schedule your exam. Verify that you can satisfy all computer, internet connection, and workspace requirements before scheduling your exam.

Important: be sure you use an active, valid email address when you create an account as important information about your exam results and certification status will be sent to the address you use to create your testing account.

Follow these steps to register for an online (OnVUE) CompTIA certification exam:

  1. Go to where you will be able to schedule, reschedule or cancel your exam
  2. Click on Log In
  3. Sign in using your credentials or Sign up if you do not already have an account
  4. Once logged in, in your dashboard, click on “View Exams
  5. Find your exam in the search bar at the top of the page and then select it
  6. In the “exam options” section select “Online from my home or office” and then click Next
  7. You will have to agree to all of the online exam policies and choose Next
  8. Select your preferred exam language and click Next
  9. Verify your exam details and click Next
  10. You will be then required to provide some additional information
  11. Choose a date and the time of your online exam according to the available timeslots provided
  12. Verify the appointment details and then proceed to checkout
  13. Agree to CompTIA’s testing policies
  14. In the “payment and billing” page, enter the Voucher code provided via e-mail to zero the balance
  15. Click Apply and submit your registration
  16. You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your online exam booking


Begin exam

Sign in to your account on the CompTIA website page then select “My Exams” to launch your scheduled online exam.

Online test proctors communicate only in English and OnVUE testing software is English-based.
Online testing is not available in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, Slovenia, Sudan, and Syria. Site licenses are also excluded.


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