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Distant courses

Distant training

DISTANT LEARNING training mode consists of participation to a course remotely, via a web-conferencing tool. These courses are therefore related to the confirmation of the corresponding classroom.

The Distant Learning training method releases the student from the constraints of having to actually be on the iLEARN premises. It is possible to do the course at home or in the office as long as you have an internet connection (ADSL minimum). Even with this training method the candidate is given the possibility to participate actively interacting with the teacher and with the other students in the course, thanks to the use of an advanced web-conferencing solution that allows the candidate to follow the course videos, presentation slides and speak or use a chat with the teacher and the other students.

The course syllabus is the same as the "classroom" courses and the student receive a paper copy of all the course material in advance, sent to the address they provide.
In this training method, where it has been planned for the course, the certification exam is done online.

This mode optimizes any charges related to the physical movement (travel times, charges) but also guarantees a high level of interaction with the teacher and other students.

For more information about system requirements to attend a course in distant method, please click here.
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Classroom training

Distant learning courses are bound by the confirmation of CLASSROOM courses.

For more information about this mode, please click here.

Distant courses about IT Governance and Portfolio, Programme and Project Management in english provided by iLEARN