Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

What is CPE?

The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a term that refers to the points professionals receive for participating in specialized training in several fields.

Moreover, CPE credits are based on hours of study and count toward certification programs that enable professionals to maintain or update their credentials.

In order to renew your ISACA certification (CISM certification, CISA certification, etc.) you must earn these credits as per ISACA CPE Policy

Please note that you have to renew your certification each three years.

There are 3 ISACA CPE requirements:

Earn 20 CPE Credits per year:
ISACA requires certified professionals to earn 20 CPE hours each year in order to keep the knowledge up to date.

Earn 120 CPE Credits in each three-year period:
Once you get the ISACA certification, you must earn minimum 20 CPE hours each year.
However, in total, you must earn 120 CPE credits to complete your ISACA certification renewal process.
Otherwise, your certification will expire and you will have to re-take the certification exam .

Pay Annual Maintenance Fee:
In order to submit your earned CPE credits, you must pay ISACA annual maintenance fee.

 How can I earn CPE?

You can earn CPE from:

  • ISACA Conferences: up to 32 CPEs
  • ISACA Training Week courses: up to 32 CPEs
  • ISACA Online Training: up to 36 free CPEs per year through ISACA Webinars and Virtual Instructor Led Trainings
  • One In Tech Educational Events: 1 CPE (up to 36 per year) for each hour of active participation in One In Tech Webinars, Conferences and trainings
  • On-Demand Learning: up to 28 CPEs per course if you complete on-demand and online review courses
  • Volunteering with ISACA: 1 CPE (up to 20 per year) for each hour of active participation in ISACA working groups, volunteer projects or as an ISACA chapter officer
  • 1 CPE (up to 20 per year) for each hour of active participation in One In Tech working groups or volunteer projects
  • Skills-based CPEs can be obtained if you completed the CSX courses, labs and/or certificate programs that are available on the CSX Cybersecurity Nexus Platform.

    Please note that certified individuals earn CPE hours according to the number of hours of active participation.
    Participation in ISACA chapter meetings will earn a minimum of one credit hours regardless of actual duration.

For ISACA members only:

  • ISACA Online Training: up to 36 free CPEs per year if you complete CPE quizzes
  • Journal quizzes: 1 CPE for each of the six journals annually

Qualifying Activities for CPE

Here below you will find the qualifying activities that are acceptable for CPE:

  • Non-ISACA Professional Education Activities and Meetings
  • Self-study courses - please note that for Non-ISACA Activities and Self-study courses iLEARN provides online courses in ICT area and, by attending iLEARN courses, you can earn ISACA CPE. 
    Click here to find the full list of courses.
    Upon completion of one of iLEARN e-learning courses you will have the possibility to request an attendance certificate reporting CPE hours earned.
  • ISACA Professional Education Activities and Meetings 
  • Vendor Sales/Marketing Presentations
  • Teaching / Lecturing / Presenting
  • Publication of Articles, Monographs and Books
  • Exam Question Development and Review
  • Passing Related Professional Examinations
  • Working on ISACA Boards/Committees
  • Contributions to the Profession
  • Mentoring

 How do I report my CPE?

You can self-report your CPE hours earned through iLEARN training activities.

To proceed, please refer to the following simple steps:

  1. Log-in at 
  2. Click on Certifications & CPE Management
  3. Click on the button to Report and Manage CPE for any certification that you hold
  4. Click on the button to Add New CPE Record
  5. Fill out the details of the CPE activity. This include a title or description of the event, the organization, a start and end date from when it was earned, and the appropriate qualifying activity.
  6. Enter the number of CPE earned for each ISACA certification that you hold
  7. Click Save & Close or Save & Add More if you have additional CPE to report

CPE hours earned and tracked through ISACA will be pre-loaded into your account.
Before these CPE hours are counted towards your requirements, you must apply them.

Here are the steps to apply your pre-loaded CPE earned from ISACA:

  1. Log-in at 
  2. Click on Certifications & CPE Management
  3. Click on the button to Report and Manage CPE for any certification that you hold
  4. If you have pre-loaded CPE in your account that are unapplied, you will see a section titled, "Unapplied CPE Hours".
    Under the "Actions" column, click the link to "Apply"
  5. The CPE details will be pre-populated, you will only need to enter the number of CPE to add towards each certification that you hold.
    Each pre-loaded CPE event will have a maximum number of hours allowed to report.
  6. Click Save & Close, and you will now see that event listed under your CPE Hours Applied to Certification section

 How can I calculate my CPE Hours?

One CPE hour is earned for each fifty (50) minutes of active participation (excluding lunches and breaks) for qualifying ISACA and non-ISACA professional educational activities and meetings.
CPE hours can be earned in quarter-hour increments and can also be reported in quarter hours (rounded to the nearest quarter hour).

Please find below an example to calculate your CPE Hours correctly: 

Educational Activity Schedule Actual Hours Minutes
9:00 am - 5:00 pm 8.0 480
Less: Two 15-minute breaks .50 30
Less: Lunch - one hour 1 60
Total hours of professional education activity 6.5 390


390 minutes divided by 50 minutes = 7.8 or 7.75 CPE hours (rounded to the nearest quarter hour).

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