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Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation Courses

Project Management ISO 21502 Foundation certification training courses and exams based ISO 21502 standard for Project Management

Summary of Topics

Availability and prices of Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation courses

Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation eLearning course with exam

In this showcase you will find a selection of training courses and exams concerning Project Management Foundation learning area based on the ISO 21502 standard.
If you do not see a specific ISO 21502 Foundation course or ISO 21502 Foundation exam, please contact us.

Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation online certification exam

In this showcase you will be able to purchase Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation exam vouchers only to take the online exam with iLEARN Examinations, in complete autonomy.

Project Management ISO 21502 Foundation distance - live virtual courses with exam calendar

Would you like to organize a virtual or classroom-based Project Management ISO 21502 Foundation course for your company? Contact us for more information.

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What is Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation certification?

The Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation is a certification designed to confirm the fundamental understanding of Project Management, adhering to the ISO 21502:2020 guidelines.

By taking and passing the final certification exam, you will become a professional and certified Project Manager in accordance with ISO 21502 standard.


Who should attend ISO 21502 Foundation course?

The course is designed for individuals aiming to learn fundamental project management concepts, project managers and team members interested in familiarizing themselves with ISO 21502 guidelines, and those involved in or accountable for producing project results and overseeing project risks.



Which are the benefits of ISO 21502 Foundation training?

By participating in our ISO 21502 Foundation training course, candidates can showcase their understanding of project management techniques and their effective application towards improved management. Moreover, the ISO 21502 standard holds global recognition and serves as a testament to the project management expertise of you, your executive staff, and managers.


How to get prepared to pass the ISO 21502 Foundation exam?

In order to take and pass ISO 21502 Foundation certification exam, a training course is not mandatory but strongly recommended. Our meticulously designed training programs provide an in-depth grasp of the subject matter, empowering candidates with the essential knowledge and abilities to approach the exam confidently. Additionally, our ISO 21502 Foundation courses encompass practice tests and actual case studies, enabling candidates to acquaint themselves with the exam structure and implement their learnings in real-world situations.

iLEARN offers Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation training courses is several delivery options:

  • Classroom courses
    • on pre-scheduled dates: traditional classroom training at iLEARN premises
    • in-house: traditional classroom training scheduled based on client needs and at customer's or iLEARN premises
  • Distant (virtual) courses: following a remote classroom by means of a web-conference
  • eLearning/self-paced learning: training provided through our online learning management system from anywhere and at any time

Project Management training without mandatory exams

Enhance your management skills with our ISO 21502 Foundation course, designed to provide comprehensive and practical training in Project Management. We are committed to providing you with an effective and flexible learning path, without the pressure of mandatory exams. Our approach focuses on the practical application of ISO 21502 concepts, allowing you to acquire skills that can be directly applied in the field. Invest in your professional development with tailored training designed to maximize your potential without bureaucratic obstacles. 


Earn PDUs with ISO 21502 Foundation

Our ISO 21502 Foundation training course can provide 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for holders of PMI certifications who need credits for their maintenance.
Here below you can find more details about the PDUs allocation for the ISO 21502 Foundation course:

  • Ways of Working (Technical): 8
  • Power Skills (Leadership): 4
  • Business Acumen (Strategic): 4

Please note that, in order to auto-declare PDUs attending this course provided by iLEARN, the purchase of the attendance confirmation (attendance certificate) in electronic format (pdf) is mandatory. Select the option to add the attendance confirmation at the moment of purchase and proceed to checkout. The PDUs are earned by following the course even if the certification exam is not successful.

Visit this page for more information about PDUs and how to claim them to maintain your PMI qualifications.


Details about Project Management (ISO 21502) Foundation courses


Upon completing this training course, candidates will be able to:

  • Grasp the core principles, strategies, and techniques of project management
  • Implement the ISO 21502 guidelines in project management processes
  • Comprehend the integration and utilization of individual project management practices in line with ISO 21502 guidelines

Who it is aimed at

  • Individuals interested in exploring the fundamental principles of project management
  • Project managers and team members eager to familiarize themselves with ISO 21502 guidelines
  • Professionals involved in or accountable for achieving project results and handling project risks
  • Those aspiring to build a career in the realm of project management


  • Key Project Concepts
  • Phases of a Project
  • Project Planning
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Risks and Issues
  • Change, Quality, and Requirements Management
  • Reporting, Communication, Information and Stakeholder Management
  • ISO 21502 structure and requirements


There are no prerequisites in order to access this course and exam. However, a basic knowledge of the project management field is recommended.


  • Classroom/virtual course duration: 2 days
  • Online course durations:
    • 30 days access to the platform
    • 1 year access to the platform


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