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iLEARN Learning Digital Assistant

Meet the revolutionary virtual learning tool

What is the Learning Digital Assistant? 

The Learning Digital Assistant is an advanced tool designed to aid in studying by utilizing artificial intelligence. Accessible at any time, it caters to users in multiple languages. Through its capability to address queries and furnish supplementary explanations, it streamlines the learning experience, offering valuable assistance to learners.


How does it work? 

The Learning Digital Assistant is like a personal digital guide for students throughout their training journey, from starting a course to registering for certification exams. Integrated into the interface of our eLearning platform, students will always find a chat tool available, where they can ask questions in any language, anytime. Combining artificial intelligence and our training expertise, the digital assistant acts as a virtual trainer, helps with registration procedures, and supports students throughout their study journey on the platform.

Watch the below video to learn more about your new training support tool.

Why is it important for your learning? 

The Digital Assistant is essential for your learning journey due to several key factors.
The main ones are:

1. Productivity

It saves time by immediately providing contents that should otherwise be searched in course materials and documentation, enhancing study efficiency.

2. Effectiveness

It provides immediate answers to complex questions when answers are not explicitly written but shall be evinced from training materials. It is equivalent to the same support of an expert trainer, but immediately available.

3. Multilingual support

It provides assistance in any language, enhancing comprehension regardless of the course language.

The Learning Digital Assistant is particularly useful for self-study packages. It offers immediate clarifications on material contents and solve doubts that may rise when self-studying.

Explore the Learning Digital Assistant yourself and uncover its myriad benefits beyond what's mentioned here. Dive in and see how it can enhance your learning journey!

Why is it revolutionary? 

The Digital Assistant is cutting-edge because it goes beyond traditional training methods, allowing for a more complete and flexible learning experience through artificial intelligence.

iLEARN has always been a leader in innovative training based on global best practices, offering high-quality courses internationally. With this new tool, the level of preparation provided by our training technology is taken to an even higher level.

For which courses is it available? 

The iLEARN’s Digital Assistant is now available for the bestseller certification courses: PRINCE2 7 and ITIL 4, for all their levels.
However, iLEARN is already working to make it available for all the other most important certification our website.

Stay tuned to be updated with the new Digital Assistant releases or contact us to get more information!

How can you access it? 

Accessing your Learning Digital Assistant is very simple. You can purchase it in two ways:

- As an extra option while purchasing a course
- As a stand-alone product to be paired with your already active course

Upon finalizing your purchase, the integration of the Learning Digital Assistant into your eLearning platform will be promptly initiated, ensuring its immediate availability to improve your learning experience.

Purchase your digital learning assistant here:

If you want to learn more about the Learning Digital Assistant, do not hesitate to contact us!

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