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SIAM distance - live virtual courses calendar

In this showcase you will find the next available dates for SIAM online courses (live virtual sessions) with certification exam. These courses are provided via web-conference in real time by our SIAM accredited trainers. SIAM certification exams will be taken online on EXIN portal. 

SIAM™ online exams

In this showcase you will be able to purchase SIAM exam vouchers only to take the online exams on EXIN portal, in complete autonomy, 24 hours a day.

iLEARN is an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) and AEO (Approved Examination Organization) of EXIN for SIAM™ courses and exams
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What is SIAM (Service Integration and Management)?

SIAM is an approach to service integration and management that brings together the principles of governance, management, integration, assurance and coordination. A synonym for Service Integration and Management (SIAM™) is multi-sourcing integration (MSI) This framework allows organizations to manage multiple service providers with an aligned approach to service management.

SIAM's principles allow you to manage your services effectively, by providing governance, management, integration, assurance and coordination.


What is SIAM useful for?

SIAM brings many benefits to certification holders:

  • It provides better service to end users
  • It brings higher cost efficiency
  • It strengthens accountability
  • It allows for greater flexibility
  • It teaches the ability to introduce competitiveness among service providers
  • Development and ownership of intellectual property
  • Greater access to the expertise of a wider range of suppliers


Who should get SIAM certified?

SIAM certifications are for service managers who manage any combination of internal and external service providers. These include consultants, service managers, project and programme managers, and relationship, change and commercial managers, as well as solutions architects.


How do I get SIAM certified?

EXIN SIAM qualification scheme is composed by two levels of certification.

SIAM Foundation
This certification level covers the core principles of SIAM, as well as the terminology. Also potential benefits, challenges and risks of implementing SIAM are discussed in this course.

SIAM Professional
This certification level helps a candidate demonstrating the knowledge about the application of SIAM to different scenarios. It will also demonstrate the ability of managing multiple service providers and integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT organization.


How can I study SIAM?

iLEARN provides EXIN SIAM™ training courses that are helpful to achieve the knowledge and related certifications. Courses are available with different delivery methods:

  • Classic
    • On pre-scheduled dates: traditional classroom training at iLEARN premises   
    • in-house: traditional classroom training scheduled based on client needs and at customer’s or iLEARN premises
  • Virtual/distant learning: following a remote classroom by means of a web conference


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