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ISO/IEC 27001

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           iLEARN is an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) 
APMG for ISO/IEC 27001 course.

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                   For an online verification of accreditments, do the research with
         ICONS - Innovative Consulting S.r.l.  of which iLEARN is a business unit.



ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard that provides the basis for effective management of confidential and sensitive information, and for the application of information security controls.
For the organizations achieving the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, it demonstrates excellence and proves sound application of best practices in Information Security management. In fact, conformance with the standard requires a continual improvement of controls in the management of confidential and sensitive information, providing to stakeholders, sponsors, shareholders, customers and suppliers, the assurance of the adoption of optimal best practices.
Re-published in 2013, ISO/IEC 27001 builds upon established foundations as the most widely recognized international standard specifically aimed at information security management. The adoption of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a strategic decision driving the coordination of operational security controls across all of the organizations electronic and physical information resources. The standard can be integrated with other management system framework standards, such as the quality standard ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 20000 for IT service management. ISO/IEC 27001 provides a model to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve a risk-managed ISMS (Information Security Management System). The design and implementation of the management system is tailored to the organization’s objectives, information assets, operational processes and governing legal and regulatory security requirements. ISO/IEC 27001 includes the formal specification and defines the requirements of an Information Security Management System that include:

  • ISMS planning, support and operational requirements;
  • Leadership responsibilities;
  • Performance evaluation of the ISMS;
  • Internal ISMS audits;
  • ISMS improvement;
  • Control objectives and controls.

ISO/IEC 27001 qualification path 

ISO/IEC Foundation certification
The Foundation course is the first step of the qualification path on ISO/IEC 27001 norm for information security..

ISO/IEC Practitioner certification
The Practitioner qualification goal is to verify whether and applicant has gained understanding of ISO/IEC 27001 standard and its application in his field.

iLEARN offer

The ISO/IEC 27001 training courses are run by accredited ISO/IEC 27001 teachers and they are designed based on solid experiences in the implementation of Information Security Management Systems based on the standard in organisations of all sizes and sectors.

iLEARN offers Foundation and Practitioner leves in the following ways:

  • Classic
    • on pre-scheduled dates (traditional classroom training at iLEARN premises)
    • in-house (traditional classroom training scheduled based on client needs and at customer's or iLEARN premises)
  • Distant-learning (following a remote classroom by means of a webconference)
  • E-learning (training provided through our online learning management system from anywhere and anytime)

iLEARN also proposes the ISO/IEC 27001 Full course, allowing to follow both levels of training (ISO/IEC 27001 Foundation and ISO/IEC 27001 Practitioner) in 5 days and sustain the two qualifying ISO/IEC 27001 exams.

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  • APMG-International site - ISO/IEC 27001 qualifications
  • ISO/IEC 27001 training courses in english provided by iLEARN