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The PeopleCert online exam system is called ExamShield and involves the presence of a human supervisor who checks online that the exam is been carried out correctly.

Instructions and procedures on how to book and take online certification exams with PeopleCert

Preliminary requirements

Before buying, you should check that you can meet the preliminary access requirements and carry out a compatibility test with your own computer. The HW and SW requirements are as follows:

  • Windows® 11, Windows® 10 (Windows 10S is not supported), Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, macOS Sierra (10.12), macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11) or macOS Monterey (12).
    Note: The ExamShield Microsoft Store version is only available to Windows 10 version 17763 or later.
  • Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with at least 4GB of RAM;
  • An internet connection with a speed not inferior to 4Mbps;
  • 16-bit monitor (at least 15”) with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or more;
  • Keyboard, mouse or equivalent (keyboards set to English characters);
  • A webcam which can be rotated (built in or external - no mobile phone);
  • Speakers and microphone (the use of headsets is only allowed during onboarding).

The use of virtualisation software such as VMware, Virtual PC or Sandbox, is not allowed during the exam.

Exam procedure

Phase 1- Exam purchase
The exam can be purchased on this site. Upon successful completion, you will receive a voucher code via email that you will need to be able to take the exam (PeopleCert Code).

Phase 2- Registration on PeopleCert site and exam scheduling
The first step is to register for the exam at If you do not have a PeopleCert account, you will need to create a new one. After that, log in to your web account. Click Register for an exam to register for your exam. Select Using Exam Voucher, enter your Voucher code and click the Submit botton. If additional data is required for the specific exam, you will be promped to complete the appropriate fields. During the registration will be also required to provide a valid ID.
Then yor exam data will appear: to complete your exam registration, click on the Submit button. An email confirming your exam registration and your exam details will be sent to you. These are also available in the My exams section of your Web Account.  
You must book the exam at least 3 working days before you want to sit for the exam.

Phase 3 – Taking the exam
To be able to take the exam you must install the ExamShield software from the link that can be found in the email confirmation you received. The ExamShield application is also available through the Microsoft Store. This allows corporates to list ExamShield to their own Microsoft Private Store, thus allowing their users to install it also on employee computers. Candidates taking a PeopleCert Online Proctored Exam on their personal computers can either download the ExamShield application from the Microsoft Store or directly from their PeopleCert Account.

You should complete the installation up to 1 hour before the exam and at the same time deactivate any virtualisation software you may have. Read the complete guide on PeopleCert ExamShield software.
Starting from March 1st, 2021, candidates can install the ExamShield software just once. The software can be used to take also other PeopleCert exams.

N.B.: ExamShield software is updated once a month, so PeopleCert advise you to check the compatibility with your device at least 24 hours before your exam.
N.B.: You may need to secure administrative approval from your IT department prior to installation of ExamShield on Corporate devices.

You should also check that

  • You have a valid ID document with photo with you;
  • You don't have access to any unauthorized items such as notes, manuals, whiteboards, additional headphones, scrren(s), monitor(s), keyboard(s), camera(s) or projector(s);
  • You can rotate the webcam 360°;
  • You are in a quiet room with sufficient light and a clean desk;
  • You haven't got other screens or webcams connected to your computer.

At least 10 minutes before you are due to start the exam, press the ExamShield "OK" button and wait for the arrival of the supervisor if he/she is not yet online. 
A pop up message will notify you if any application needs to be closed to continue with the exam.
After that, an intuitive wizard will guide you towards connecting to your Proctor and starting your exam; you will have to:

  1. Check exam guidelines
  2. Scan your ID
  3. View exam tutorial

When your proctor will join the session, you will be instructed to:

  • Check your audio and video performance
  • Show your ID to the camera if needed
  • Show your room (360 camera rotation) and your desk
  • Share your screen with your online proctor
  • Confirm your personal details. If any of the information is incorrect, please inform your online proctor
  • Your online proctor will let you know when you are set to begin your exam!

Also remember that during the exam

  • it is required to ensure good illumination of your face and the environment, turn off all phones and do not receive visitors for the duration of the exam
  • here must be no background noise in the environment
  • Make sure that your webcam frames the main door of the room you are in

Read the complete PeopleCert Online Proctored exam guide.

Second exam attempt

PeopleCert offers Take2 - Exam Re-Sit option. Take2 option enables the candidate to add a second exam attempt to their exam voucher. Candidates can retake their exam within 6 months from their first attempt.
The option can be purchased only inside a "course with exam" or "only exam" package. The option cannot be sold separately.

Official digital manual included

Starting from 1st February 2022, PeopleCert voucher codes include the official manual in digital format for the related certification (excluding PeopleCert DevOps, COBIT® 5, ITIL® v3 Foundation, all PPM Practitioner levels voucher codes).
You can access the digital manual on PeopleCert portal once redeemed the voucher code. Read the complete guide on how to obtain and use your AXELOS eBook included in the voucher.

Use of the manual during open book exams

During open book exams the use of the official manual is permitted.

Digital format manual

You can use your eBook:

  • Viewing your eBook on a second mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • If the device you are using for taking the examination supports a modern viewing interface (i.e.. having the latest OS and supported Browser updates installed), you will be presented with a digital copy of the eBook for all open book exams. Otherwise, the exam interface will make available the pdf standard copy of the eBook.

Paperback manual

You can use the paperback manual at these conditions:

  • Paperback manuals may be annotated and tabulated
  • No sticky notes and loose-leaf papers containing additional notes are allowed
  • Your Proctor will ask you to open the book and flip through the pages in front of the camera to allow you to use it during the examination
PeopleCert official mock exams (exam simulators)

PeopleCert gives the possibility to simulate the real online exam experience in order to get a preview of the exam procedure and to test how the ExamShield software works and it features. For many people, this could be an opportunity to test their preparation and tackle the anxiety that the exam procedure may cause. At the moment, the official exam simulators are available for ITIL® 4 Foundation and PRINCE2® 6th edition Foundation certifications.

Extension of the online exam voucher

Vouchers are issued with 12 months validity (with the exception of specific communications by iLEARN). Any extension of the exam vouchers will be charged with a fee imposed by PeopleCert. Read more information about the extension of PeopleCert online exam vouchers validity.

Rescheduling of the online exam session

You can change date and time of the exam for free up to 48 hours before the date chosen. If you want to modify date and time from 48 to 4 hours before the exam, PeopleCert will apply a fee. Read more information about the rescheduling of PeopleCert online exam sessions.

Available documentation

We recommend you to read the following available documentation regarding the complete PeopleCert procedure: 

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0044 2035295682 (UK number), 001 3155586909 (USA number).