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PearsonVUE is the Examination Institute used by CompTIA's qualification scheme.

The final certification exam, which takes place upon completion of the training courses provided by iLEARN for CompTIA certifications, will be taken through PearsonVUE, a computer-based platform that provides proctored exams in a secure testing environment.


Useful information for taking CompTIA certification exams with PearsonVUE


Which certification exams by CompTIA can be taken with PearsonVUE?

All CompTIA certification exams can be taken with PearsonVUE. These exams include:


How can CompTIA exams be taken with PearsonVUE?

CompTIA exams with PearsonVUE can be taken in the following modalities:

  • In-person in a Test Center: this requires the candidates to physically go to a Pearson VUE Test Center to take the certification exam
  • In online proctoring mode (OnVUE): this allows candidates to take their certification exam online and securely from home or from their office


To read more detailed information about the different procedures to follow in both cases, please visit the "Test Center" page for exams to be taken in a Pearson Vue Test Center or the "Online exam" page for exams to be taken online in OnVUE modality.


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