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Continuing professional education with iLEARN

Many organization issuing qualification schemes have introduced mechanisms based on continuing education to maintain the qualification status. Some of these organizations are, for example, the Project Management Institute and ISACA.

Every mechanism has its own peculiarities and naming (for example, the hours of education are named differently as Professional Development Units or Continuing Professional Education) but the bottom-line is the same: the candidate shall continue studying (or performing allowed alternative activities) to earn credits and maintain his/her qualification.

iLEARN – Innovative Learning is working as an officially accredited provider of some of the organizations managing continual education framework. As such, it is entitled to issue educational hours credits for some of its courses.

You can read more about the specific continual education framework and how to obtain educational credits with iLEARN at the following links:



 Educational Mechanism





 Project Management Institute (PMI)  PDU