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VMEdu is the owner of SCRUMstudy and 6sigmastudy certifications.

SCRUMstudy and 6sigmastudy certification exams are proctored using the online WebEx based proctor system. All exams will be proctored live and videos of the exams will be recorded and reviewed by the SCRUMstudy and 6sigmastudy teams. When suspected violations occur, appropriate procedures are in place to protect the integrity of the exam process. 

Important information and detailed procedures for taking online exams with VMEdu

System requirements
  • A webcam in working condition. The webcam will remain on during the test, and the video of your exam will be captured throughout the test.
  • A working headphone or system microphone to connect to the audio conference.
  • The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or other popular browsers.
Scheduling the exam

After you have been enrolled to the course with exam included, you will receive an email with your credentials to access SCRUMstudy or 6sigmastudy platform. In order to schedule your exam, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account using the credentials.
  2. You will be redirected to a page which lists all courses you have enrolled for.
  3. Look for the course you attended and click on the "Start" button on its right.
  4. Go to 'Exams' section in the left menu.
  5. Click on 'Apply/Schedule' for the exam you opted.
  6. Review the information and follow the steps provided.
  7. Nominate a date and time for your exam. Note: The timings will be in GMT/UTC time zone.
  8. You will receive email confirmation of your exam with a link and exam details before your scheduled exam time.
  9. Follow the instructions per the email (we recommend you commence log-in 10-15 minutes prior to exam schedule time).
Test Environment Requirements

You are required to establish identity following the procedures outlined in the conducting certification exams section.

The online testing environment should mimic the 'in class' testing environment. You must be in a quiet, secure, fully lighted room for the examination with no other people in the room; you must sit at a clean desk or clean table (not in a bed or sofa) and not talking out loud or communicating with others by any means; you must not leave the room. You are not allowed to keep nothing except computer and external cameras on the desktop or table top and you must remove all books, papers, notebooks, or other materials, unless specifically permitted in written guidelines particular examination.

Any violation of the instructions given for taking online proctored exam will result in the dismissal of the exam and can proceed to legal actions, if necessary.

Taking the exam

Once you receive the instructions via email, you will have to join the online proctored exam logging into the WebEx Link. Before taking the exam, read carefully these instructions:

  • You must join the proctoring session by using the meeting link provided.
  • Each candidate should join the session 10–15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • The proctoring is done through Webex, a popular web conferencing application.
  • If you are using Webex for the first time, please reserve about 10 minutes for an initial setup.
    1. Once you click on the Webex link, the browser window will prompt you to run Webex in the browser; please click on the "Always run on this site" tab.
    2. If your browser has pop-up blocker enabled, you may need to disable it to run Webex.
    3. Once you join the session, please join the audio conference by clicking the "Call Using Computer" button.
    4. Once you join the meeting, click on the webcam button to enable the Proctor to see you.
    5. Click on the chat window and respond to the instructions given by the Proctor.
    6. The Proctor will change your role to "Presenter" to enable you to share your screen with the Proctor.
    7. Once the screen is shared, you will need to open a web browser and log in to your VMEdu membership account.
  • Once logged in to the membership account, go to the "myexam" section.
  • You will see a Tab, "Take Exam", appear next to the relevant exam. You can start the exam by clicking that link.
  • Once inside the meeting, if you face any issue or need any clarification, you’ll be able to chat with the Proctor in the Chat Window.

There are three exam attempts available. These attempts are to be taken during the period of the course access (180 days available). Note that in case you schedule an exam but you do not sit for it, you will lose the possibility to take the other attempts for free and VMEdu will ask for a fee in order to reschedule the first session.