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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What is the CPD programme and what is MyAxelos?

 Through the Continuing Professional Development programme, you will be able to keep you certifications current by logging CPD points every year, using the subscription to MyAxelos platform.

MyAxelos is a global membership programme that should be used if you decide to renew your certifications through the CPD programme.
Thanks to MyAxelos, you will also be able to manage your digital badges and certifications.

What are the CPD points and how can I earn them?

CPD points are a way to demonstrate the ongoing commitment to professional development. They can be gained through training, learning, and participation in the Axelos community. The CPD points help certified professional to stay current according to the CPD programme, showcasing their dedication to maintaining and improving their knowledge and skills in the Axelos best practices.

One CPD point corresponds to one hour worth of effort (only for Professional Education and Community).
You can record a minimum of 30 minutes or 0.5 points, and a maximum of 15 hours or 15 points per activity.

CPD points can be gained through different activities:

Professional Experience
/ A minimum of 5 points per year

  • Professional Practice: Applying best practice in the workplace
  • Coaching colleagues in relation to best practice
  • Mentoring individuals or groups to support their development
  • Work shadowing senior colleagues in relation to best practice

Community (active or passive)
/ A maximum of 15 points per year

  • Organising industry / best practice related events
  • Attending industry events
  • Contributing to community discussion forums
  • Authoring  thought leadership
  • Reading community discussion forums
  • Voluteering to share your knowledge and experience

Professional Education
/ A maximum of 15 points per year

  • PeopleCert certifications
  • Other certifications from PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisations
  • Other certifications from non-PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisations
  • Professional qualifications from awarding bodies
  • In house / eLearning training
  • Reading relevant books, publications, research, white papers etc.
  • Engaging with podcasts and webinar

 Register CPD to maintain certifications

You can use the Continuing Professional Development program to renew your AXELOS/PeopleCert certifications.
Candidates are required to submit at least 20 CPD points per year for three consecutive years. After that, the certificate renewal date will be extended for another three years. 

CPDs should be submitted for each Product Suite, so if you hold two or more certifications included in the same suite, you can follow the renewal procedure only once. 

CPD points must be submitted on the same date you originally passed the exam. For example, if you passed a certification exam on 30th April, the annual 20 CPD points should be submitted by 30th April each year.

Find out more information on the procedures and on the renewal of certifications.

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