I have access to iLEARN LMS (https://lms.innovativelearning.eu) but I cannot view my purchased courses. What can I do?

If you have access to iLEARN LMS system to follow online courses, you should view them in the MY COURSES section:in the example below you see three courses which can be accesses.

If you expect to see a course but you don't find it in the MY COURSES section, first of all check if the access period of the course is not expired (if so, the course won't be listed).

Finally, remember that:

  • not all the courses are delivered using https://lms.innovativelearning.eu; some partners' courses are delivered through other platforms so please double check your e-mail with the access instructions and verify the platform to use; 
  • all the courses in OTHER COURSES section are demo, incomplete versions of the live courses. Please, use them for demo purpose only and do not start to learn on them because the live course will be different ones.

If you still believe that your course should be present, please contact info@innovativelearning.eu.

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