Exciting Announcement: Introducing PRINCE2® 7 - Redefining Project Management Excellence!

In a groundbreaking move that is set to reshape the landscape of project management, we are thrilled to announce the launch of PRINCE2 7, the latest iteration of the globally acclaimed project management methodology. With its enhanced features, comprehensive approach, and adaptable framework, PRINCE2 7 is poised to empower project managers and organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Introduced in 1996, PRINCE2 has undergone six editions, with the most recent revision occurring in 2017. The PRINCE2® 7th edition aims to address various shifts that have occurred in both our global landscape and the field of project management since its inception.

PRINCE2 7: What's New?

  • Integration of People - Recognizing the pivotal role of individuals in project success, the PRINCE2 method now seamlessly incorporates them
  • Project performance - A seventh dimension, sustainability, has been incorporated into project performance, aligning with contemporary organizational requirements
  • Digital and data - To cater to the advancing demands of project management practitioners, a digital and data management approach has been introduced.

PRINCE2 7: Benefits

  • Professionals - PRINCE2 7 offers project managers an array of advantages, including heightened skills, customized methodologies, improved stakeholder engagement, and enhanced performance monitoring.
  • Organizations - Organizations acquire standardized practices, elevated success rates, optimized resource utilization, and an enhanced reputation, culminating in successful project delivery and organizational expansion.

What about the previous PRINCE2 versions?

PRINCE2 5th edition and PRINCE2 6th edition will remain available, but they will be withdrawn in 2024.
The currently planned withdrawal dates are as follows:

  • PRINCE2 5th edition – From March 2024
  • PRINCE2 6th edition – Q3 2024

N.B.: The exams will be withdrawn only in the languages in which PRINCE2 7 will be published.

Join the Revolution: Embrace PRINCE2 7 Today!

As the global business landscape continues to evolve, project management methodologies must adapt to new challenges and opportunities. PRINCE2 7 represents a pivotal step forward in the world of project management, and we invite you to be part of this exciting revolution. Embrace PRINCE2 7 and unlock a new era of project management excellence.

iLEARN will make available PRINCE 7 training courses and PRINCE2 7 exams from September 2023!
For more information, updates, and resources about PRINCE2 7 Edition, visit our website.

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