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AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation Courses

AgilePM for Scrum Foundation training courses, exams and certifications provided by iLEARN.

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Availability and prices of AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation courses

Agile Project Management for Scrum Foundation distance – live virtual courses calendar

Would you like to organize a virtual or classroom AgilePM (Agile Project Management) for Scrum Foundation course for your company? Contact us for more information.

iLEARN is an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) 
of APMG-International for the AgilePM® for Scrum courses

For an online verification of accreditations, do a research with iCONS - Innovative Consulting S.r.l. of which iLEARN is a business unit.


What is AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation certification?

The AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation is a certification that offers a comprehensive overview of the AgilePM and Scrum frameworks. Beyond fostering an understanding of these proven methodologies, it proves and delivers in-depth guidance on their integration within a versatile whole-lifecycle method. AgilePM for Scrum caters to both general business teams and IT, steering towards real business agility and a more effective value stream.


Who should attend AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation course?

The AgilePM for Scrum Foundation course is ideal for:

  • Organizations aiming to improve their Scrum methodology with an agile project way that encompasses a broader range of stakeholders
  • AgilePM Practitioners seeking guidance on combining elements of AgilePM with Scrum
  • Individuals seeking to modify Scrum to incorporate project-oriented work
  • Those working together and being part of project or Scrum teams
  • Leaders eager to comprehend the principles of Scrum and AgilePM, and find out how they can be integrated into a new business-focused approach to work


Which are the benefits of AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation training?

This accredited AgilePM for Scrum Foundation training offers the necessary knowledge for candidates to:

  • Improve cooperation with stakeholders within and beyond the project team
  • Determine project viability and groundwork before transitioning to agile solution development
  • Use empowerment and collaboration to minimize handoffs, resulting in an efficient workflow
  • Emphasize the realization of value that transcends mere product development
  • Integrate business-applicable methods, such as MoSCoW Prioritisation, with those that guarantee the success of Scrum

If you're more interested in strengthening your knowledge of agile project management rather than applying agile practices within a Scrum framework, visit our AgilePM Foundation certification page.


How to get prepared to pass the AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation exam?

iLEARN offers AgilePM for Scrum Foundation training courses in several delivery options:

  • AgilePM for Scrum Foundation classroom courses:
    • on pre-scheduled dates: traditional classroom training at iLEARN premises
    • in-house: traditional classroom training scheduled based on client needs and at customer's or iLEARN premises
  • AgilePM for Scrum Foundation distant (virtual) courses: following a remote classroom by means of a web-conference


Details about AgilePM for Scrum Foundation courses


Upon completing the course, participants should be capable of :

  • Find out the integration of AgilePM and Scrum, presenting a unified framework for delivering comprehensive business solutions
  • Exploit the dominant simplicity and dynamic agility of Scrum in product development, incorporating main AgilePM components that broaden the project's scope
  • Use a framework that addresses the connection of various development teams withing the scope of a unified outcome or product
  • Cultivate a genuinely agile project environment for product development centered on actualizing value, rather than merely embedding latent value in products
  • Unlock the full potential of Scrum and Agile product delivery
  • Discover how the framework can be customized to accommodate specific needs and several organizational demands
  • Boost the agility and efficiency of projects while navigating VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) positions

Who it is aimed at

  • Existing AgilePM and Scrum practitioners
  • Project and Programme Managers
  • Product Developers
  • Business Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Project & Programme Management Officers


  • Scrum Overview
  • Agile Enhanced Manifesto
  • Agile Enhanced Principles
  • Scrum Values
  • Scrum Theory
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Team
  • Artifacts and Commitments
  • Business Agility and VUCA
  • Product development and project management
  • Agile Philosophy, Ethos and the 4 Project Variables
  • AgilePM 8 Principles
  • Individuals and Interactions
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Project Lifecycle Framework
  • Requirements through the lifecycle
  • Estimating
  • MoSCoW Prioritisation
  • Planning and Control
  • Tailoring the Project Approach
  • Governance, Compliance and the AgilePM Products


No specific prerequisites are required to access this course and exam.


  • AgilePM for Scrum Foundation Classroom/distant live course duration: 3 days



Courses languages


Teacher language

Italian, English, French, Spanish

Material course language



AgilePM for Scrum Foundation official certificate

Certificate type

Online, Paper

Exam language


Exam format

  • Duration of 40 minutes
  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • Pass mark: 60% (30/50)
  • Closed book

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