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The ITIL® Master qualification certifies the capacity of the candidate to apply the principles, methods and techniques of the ITIL framework in the work place.
To obtain the ITIL Master certificate, the candidate must be able to explain and justify the individual selection and application of a range of ITIL framework aspects, principles, methods and techniques as well as be able to support the ITIL management techniques to obtain the desired commercial results from one or more practical assignments.


Considering that each ITIL Master candidate has a unique range of experience to apply, there isn't a fixed syllabus with Learning Objectives for this qualification. At the same time, there aren't any other prescribed training courses since the theory dealt with varies according to the type of situation each candidate will decide to use.


To be admitted to the ITIL Master certification, the candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Have reached the ITIL Expert level
  • Have worked in the field of IT Service Management for at least five years, in managerial, leadership or high level consultancy roles

The candidates must ensure that they have a wide range of practical hands-on ITIL experience that will allow them to demonstrate their active involvement in the practices to meet the requirements of the Qualification.


The path that leads to achieving the ITIL Master qualification is a challenging one that takes a few months to complete and requires candidates to prepare numerous technical documents of significant complexity. The commitment required, also in economic terms, is not indifferent and as such iLEARN has resources that have already completed this journey and can support you so that you too can be successful on yours.

In fact, an ITIL Master support package is available to:

  • Preliminarily evaluate your eligibility pre-requisites;
  • Discuss the pre-requisites with the Examination Institute to check for any possible problems;
  • Provide guidance and examples for the writing the assignments;
  • Check the content of the assignments and suggest improvements;
  • If necessary provide services for the translation of the assignments;
  • Provide useful advice for the preparation of the final interview.
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