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OBASHI® is a breakthrough in Information Technology thinking that will enable you to clearly see how your business actually works facilitating better decisions as a result.
It was developed to document, map and model how people, process and technology make a business work and this is why OBASHI allows you to create a visual map of your business that enable you to understand the inter-connectivity of your business DNA and the critical data-flow that run through it.

In fact the visual map will show:

  • How your businnes works
  • The assets that make it work
  • The inter-dependencies between those assets
  • A clear pathway for refining company processes and procedures.
  • Provide a structure for capturing and showing the relationships and dependencies between business assets, IT assets and resources
  • Create a visual map of an organization in order to understand the current state of the business before implementing change
  • Map how data flows around a business to highlight how the business works and document logical and physical relationships
  • Connect silos that exist within a current operation without compromising existing IT structure
  • Deliver benefits at every level of the organization and facilitate corporate strategic thinking.
  • Get a clear picture of how the business works and accurately understand cost and value of IT to the business.
  • Use a common language and universally understood methodology to overcome departmental silos and attain better understanding of operational risk
  • Transform productivity by effectively managing budget cuts while maintaining output levels
  • Offer a transparent and holistic view of the current business state when developing business cases or dealing with mergers and acquisitions.
  • Assess how best to reduce electricity consumption, meet sustainability targets and support ISO/IEC 20000 compliance

The OBASHI course allows you to understand how acta s an informed member of a management team which is using the OBASHI Method to understand and assess an organisation.


The OBASHI course can be followed in this way:

  • e-learning (training provided through our online learning management system from anywhere and anytime)

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