ONE-to-ONE course (online+coaching)

ONE-to-ONE courses provide a flexible and advanced training modality dedicated to the single student who, in this way, can associate elearning and a coaching session with accredited teachers via a web-conferencing solution.

The ONE-to-ONE course combines a self-study period of 120 days online on our e-learning platform, always supported by our accredited teachers for any question by e-mail to a dedicated address o through our chat service, with an interactive and dedicated coaching via web-conference with the teacher.

There are two combinations for ONE-to-ONE courses; the first one includes two hours of interactive coaching, in addition to the dedicated support during the access to the online courses, the second one that includes four hours of interactive coaching, in addition to the dedicated support during the access to the online courses. The ONE-to-ONE 2Hours combination is particularly suitable for the basic courses (Foundation) while ONE-to-ONE 4Hours combination is for advanced courses, even if students are free to choose the one which suit them better based on their own availability and entry-level skills.

To sum up, ONE-to-ONE courses are an ideal solution that combines the advantages of e-learning and the classroom training as they include:

  • Access to multimedia lessons "like being in class" via our own e-learning platform (wich combines videos and slides, lesson material, online quizzes, sample exams and exercises);
  • The opportunity to set your own learning pace (speed);
  • The opportunity to study the material offline;
  • The opportunity to repeat any lessons at any time;
  • The opportunity to skip lessons that are already familiar to you;
  • End of unit quizzes to check knowledge after completing the lessons;
  • The opportunity to send messages in a forum to fin immediate answers to FAQ;
  • Mock exams, where applicable;
  • Didactic support by accredited teachers;
  • The ONE-to-ONE coaching session to check learning and for deepening of content, besides answering to any question or for any clarification related to the online course, with accredited teachers and provided in the native language via web-conference; 
  • Online official exams 7x24.
    To pass the exam in other modalities, contact us.

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