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Agile minds

Are we facing an unbalanced war between man and machine? Is technology trying to make our brain useless? Do we realize how close we are to use our brains even less than the meager percentage of its full potential we use today?

Are these questions real, do we really need to answer them? Believe it or not we are far from knowing how to use all our brainpower and before anyone asks, it does matter!

By training our mind we will more easily engage in quality brainstorming, be more focussed, resourceful and have ideas that will more be productive, solution centered, imaginative. We will feel better, positive, useful and will contribute for our organization’s success.

In this interactive course we will look into the possibilities of the participants' minds. By exploring our capabilities, sense, the creativity process, learning, attention and emotions, we will get to understand better what we are really capable of.

Whether as an individual looking to boost your potential, or as a team member that would like to contribute further, there is plenty for all. By combining proven research, practical quizzes and games and interactive activities, this course will be packed with readily applicable concepts and tips that will motivate everyone to go one step beyond their current performance.

We will critically review current established practices like endless meetings, scheduled brainstorming sessions, traditional learning and more. We will give sound advise on how to improve and get real results with more flexibility, less time wasted and happier working experience. And we will challenge the IT leader’s mindset too. So, get ready to blow your mind!

The course is delivered by GÜETCHU.


Basic and Advanced: levels are achieved by exposure. The longer the training the higher the level. A basic level is achieved in 1 day session. Advanced level is from 2 to 3 days with an in-course assessment.


The content of this course can also be adapted for other learning opportunities such as: seminars, speaking engagements, role based learning, private individual skills developments classes, coaching and more.