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           iLEARN is an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) 
APMG for Sourcing Governance Foundation course.  

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The Sourcing Governance Foundation course provides a basic notion of what outsourcing and Sourcing Governance are and how they can be applied.

Best practice shows that introducing a Sourcing Governance function requires knowledge and comprehension, from the the staff, of the principles and concepts of outsourcing and of Sourcing Governance. With this is mind, an interactive approach is combined with theory and group discussions throughout the course.

The course is in line with the APMG -International approach to Sourcing Governance developed in collaboration with the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

Classroom courses are confirmed approximately three weeks before the actual start of the course, reaching the minimum number of participants required. For this reason, please, contact us before making any payments.





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2 days




The Sourcing Governance Foundation course provides the basics regarding what are outsourcing and Sourcing Governance and how you can apply.

Successful completion of the course and exam results in the candidate receiving the COS-FP (Certified Outsourcing Specialist? - Foundation Principles) qualification from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

Who it is aimed at

The course is aimed at all IT professionals who work with the supply and demand of IT services and who have little experience in the area of outsourcing.


The course familiarises participants with the principles and terminology of Sourcing Governance in the following areas:

  • Opportunity, risk and forms of outsourcing (knowledge);
  • "Lifecycle" approach to outsourcing (knowledge);
  • Sourcing strategies (knowledge and comprehension);
  • Definition of the field (knowledge and comprehension);
  • Selection of the sourcer and due diligence (knowledge and comprehension);
  • Definition of the contract (knowledge);
  • Transition (knowledge and comprehension);
  • The Demand Supply Governance Framework (DSGF) (knowledge, comprehension);
  • The creation of a Demand Supply organisation (knowledge, comprehension).

Provided material:

  • Student manual: slides presented by accredited teacher with explanations
  • Exercises
  • 1 official mock exam


It recommends a bit of work experience in IT organizations.

To be able to take the exam it is necessary to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the exmination institute. The acceptance of these terms and conditions must be confirmed at the time of taking the exam.

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Sourcing Governance Foundation classroom course in from 03 May 2018 in Barcelona lasting 2 days provided by iLEARN Innovative Learning