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Our company, iCONS - Innovative Consulting (a business unit specializing in consultancy), has recently been mentioned in the pages of the prestigious newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera" for its key role in the complex negotiation of the sale of BCC Vita to Bnp Paribas Cardif. This mention emphasizes the importance and expertise of iCONS in significant banking and insurance projects. The activity of iCONS in this strategic project was led by the Director of the Business Unit, Ing. Christian Cantù.

iCONS - Innovative Consulting: Leading Major Deals in Italy's Insurance Market

In the ever-evolving context of the Italian insurance market, iCONS - Innovative Consulting has emerged as a central player in the recent sale of BCC Vita to Bnp Paribas Cardif, gaining prominence in "Il Corriere della Sera." This operation, following the sale of Tua Assicurazioni by Generali to Allianz, has highlighted iCONS' competence and solidity in the insurance sector, with important direction from Ing. Christian Cantù, the Director of the Business Unit.

iCONS has been an integral part of a team of professionals who successfully orchestrated this complex negotiation, working in synergy with KPMG, Kitra and Legance. The application of these skills has enabled the completion of a deal involving internationally renowned actors.

The operation involved the sale of 51% of BCC Vita to Bnp Paribas Cardif, with the possibility of increasing ownership to 70% upon achieving predefined objectives. Additionally, an extension of the distribution agreement from 5 to 15 years is foreseen, creating a long-term collaboration.

This economically significant operation, valued at over 150 million euros for the 51% of BCC Vita, has also been successful due to the earn-out mechanism based on collection targets, providing additional growth prospects.

The importance of the commercial partnership between BCC Iccrea and Bnp Paribas Cardif is highlighted by its capacity to enhance and standardize the offerings of the 117 institutes affiliated with the BCC Iccrea group in the bancassurance sector. With significant increases in production in the property and life insurance sectors, this collaboration promises to be highly advantageous.

The central role of iCONS in this operation demonstrates its expertise in the insurance sector and its ability to contribute significantly to major projects. As the market's attention shifts to future developments, iCONS remains a reliable and competent partner in an ever-evolving banking and insurance landscape.