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Use Kanban method in practice (live coaching) online course in Italian, English, French provided by iLEARN Innovative Learning

Kanban is a term with several meanings depending on the context. In manufacturing, initially Toyota, it was a visual method for controlling as part of Just in Time and Lean Manufacturing approach. Generally speaking, the “Kanban” or “Kanban System” is a visual system for managing work as it flows.

What I will learn with this coaching?

With this 4 hours coaching (held in virtual modality through Microsoft Teams), you will learn to apply Kanban method in your working environment. Sessions are held using an advanced software solution for Kanban management, EasyBoards®, that you will be free to use for 6 months after the end of the coaching. 

This short workshop will allow to discover and put into practice with the trainer Kanban methodology and the concepts learned during the related training course, through exercises and cases of actual use.

Here below you can find some examples of what you will experiment during the coaching:

  • Build a Kanban board
  • Manage the Kanban tasks (cards)
  • Manage priorities
  • Manage the impediments
  • Collaborate
  • Limit the Work in Progress
  • Analyze the workflow:
    • Progress
    • Throughput
    • Work in progress
    • Throughput time
    • Meet the deadlines
    • Quality
    • Problems
  • Build a task qualification Kanban board
  • Improve and optimize performance over time
  • Kanban boards for personal use

The topics will be discussed according to needs of the participant.



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4 hours


Italian, English, French

Who it is aimed at

This coaching is aimed to anyone who would like to learn how to apply Kanban method to real-life situations thanks to the help of an expert.


KanbanLearn® Kanban Master Certified certification or an equivalent certification.

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Italian, English, French

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Italian, English, French

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