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In this showcase you will find the next available dates for Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB) courses (live virtual sessions) with online certification exam. These courses are provided via web-conference in real time by our accredited trainers. CMDB certification exam will be taken online with iLEARN Examinations. 

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The Configuration Management DataBase (CMBD) is a concept that was introduced by ITIL - ISO 20000 to help manage IT services.
It is a crucial component and an essential source of information for an ICT Infrastructure where all the elements needed to provide services are stored and managed.
The main feature of the CMDB is the interconnectivity of all the ICT elements. It supports the entire Service Lifecycle in an IT Service management context (e.g. based on ITIL®).

A CMDB aims to map out a company's services and the necessary Configuration Items or CIs needed to support them. By creating a robust CMDB, organizations can identify and prioritize strategic services that may not be included in their service catalog. This structure helps support the entire service, from hardware and software to people, suppliers, documentation, and customers.
Additionally, the CMDB can be used to conduct a thorough risk analysis, identifying elements that are particularly sensitive to potential threats and providing controls to mitigate or prevent damage to the service.
The CMDB also facilitates integration with incident management, change control, and delivery management processes, reducing administrative costs and errors.
Furthermore, a well-designed CMDB provides the necessary information to make informed decisions about proposed changes to CIs and the impact they will have on the entire infrastructure.



The CMDB qualification is designed to provide a complete view of the concepts that are the basis of Service Asset and Configuration Management process, together with the concepts related to the other processes within the Service Lifecycle.


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